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Pharaons Rally 2007 Special-Newssection (FIM Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Pharaons Rally 2007, 5th round of the FIM Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Pharaons Rally: Victory for the Repsol rider Jordi Viladoms in the fourth stage.

Another one-two for the Repsol riders in the Pharaohs Rally. After Marc Coma won last Sunday`s stage, the first in this African rally that is valid for the World Raid Championship, and Jordi Viladoms` second position, today Wednesday the two Repsol KTM Team riders repeated the same result, but this time in reverse order. Viladoms has won a stage victory in Africa for the first time after his serious accident in the Dakar 2007 back in January.

The characteristics of today`s stage meant that a finish in group was on the cards, since the dunes would hold the leaders up. Those riders who started out first and opened up the tracks would soon be caught by those starting out later and following their tyre tracks. Francisco López started first after his victory yesterday, Coma was second and Viladoms third. Coma caught López at approximately kilometre 40 and at km120 Viladoms did the same. These three completed the rest of the special in group, but with Coma at the head setting the pace. Ullevalseter and Graziani were never able to catch these three up, a good result for the ambitions of the Repsol KTM Team riders. After today`s result Coma has increased his lead to 7 minutes at the top of the leaderboard, his teammate Jordi Viladoms is second, who after today`s special has a four minute advantage over the rider classified third, Pal Ullevalseter.

After going down a canyon and taking a fast track to another zone with dunes, the riders turn east towards a high plateau with rocks, characterised by fesh fesh and more dunes until CP4. To finish they have to tackle some soft dunes until the valley of Sitra after riding on hard ground where they can speed up, but always on the lookout for bumps and potholes. Once in Sitra, another loop of 50km, at the start very fast at the bottom of an empty flat lake. The second half is a zone of dunes to the south of the bivouac, and then back to the flat zone.

Marc Coma: "This was a stage with a lot of sand and dunes. After kilometre 40 I caught "Chaleco" [López], and from then on it was complicated because I was at the front opening up the route. Around kilometre 120 Jordi Viladoms arived and we formed a group of three riders. We carried on without taking any risks and with a good pace right to the end. I am pleased with how it went because today was a day when Ullevalseter could have cut the gap on us but in the end he didn`t, I personally have even got an extra 40 seconds over him and that sets the race up quite nicely. I want to congratulate Jordi on his stage victory. I think that the team is working very well and the results are exactly the same so far."

Jordi Viladoms: "I am very pleased. For my morale it is a great motivation to win a stage again, especially after the way things have gone this year; I am very satisfied. It was quite a fast stage, faster than yesterday`s, since even though there were a lot of dunes we were in the valleys and so we could ride faster. From the start I set a steady but fast pace so that I could catch Marc [Coma] and "Chaleco"[López], who started before me. Around kilometre 130 I caught them up and then after that things were a bit easier, since it was Marc opening the tracks and doing all the work. So I am very pleased, because everything went as I would have asked, and we have even extended our lead over Ullevalseter by a minute or so."

Jordi Arcarons: "We knew that the loop around Siwa would be all dunes, that there would be a lot of navigation, since there were no definite tracks, and everything went well. Marc opened up the tracks and Viladoms was following in his wake when he caught him. It was a very nice stage, they told me that they passed through some really incredible places. For the time being everything is going perfectly. Perhaps I would say that we were a little worried about the consumption on Marc`s bike, because riding at the front we saw that the consumption was different to Viladoms`. With the same bike and everything else the same there was a difference of about 7 litres between them. But well, there was nothing more important than that. Things have gone well so far with Marc at the the top of the leaderboard, with a small lead that lets us continue with a pace that is not really fast, ideal for progressing day by day."

Results Motos Stage 4:

1. Jordi Viladoms 3:39:35 seg.
2. Marc Coma 3:41:32 seg.
3. Pal Anders Ullevalseter 3:42:19 seg.
4 . Francisco López 3:43:35 seg.
5. Matteo Graziani 3:44:24 seg.

Results Motos after Stage 4:

1. Marc Coma 14:44:14 seg.
2. Jordi Viladoms 14:51:238 seg.
3. Pal Anders Ullevalseter 14:56:04 seg.
4. Francisco López 14:57:23seg.
5. Matteo Graziani 15:14:51 seg.

2007/10/04 | 10:38 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Repsol

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