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Pikes Peak: Ryan Arciero shatters his record at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

Determination and love for the sport of racing only begins to explain this past week for the Arciero-Miller Racing team. The challenge of racing in two completely different types of races in two separate states, Ryan Arciero and Mark Miller backed by their team pulled off an amazing feat. Being faced with challenges like an airplane being struck by lightning, a motorhome with no air conditioning in 100+ temperatures, and running on little sleep to no sleep would hinder most teams, but Arciero-Miller Racing has a goal of not just competing but winning.

Saturday, Mark Miller, Ryan Arciero and Chris Blais were finally able to race to the clouds in the 85th Annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb after a weeks worth of practice. Earlier in the week Chris Blais suffered a mechanical set back, however the team worked hard enabling Chris his first chance to race on four-wheels. Blais would be racing up the hill in the teams' converted stock service Volkswagen Touareg, while Mark and Ryan would race in Turbo charged Volkswagen Touaregs. All three drivers would compete in the High Performance Showroom Stock division.

Chris was first off the starting line, climbing his way to the top of the 12.42 mile course. Ryan bolted off of the start line two minutes after Chris, with a goal of shattering his last years record time. He selecting good race lines and powering through the 156 turns, Ryan was able to catch and pass Chris while racing against the clock. Chris saw Ryan approach him in his rearview mirror and pulled over to the side, letting his teammate pass him. Mark followed Ryan two minutes later of the start line, pushing the Touareg to its fullest extent.

Ryan achieved his goal by crossed the finish line with a time of 13:17.703, over a minute faster than his last years run. Soon after Ryan, Chris crossed the line with a time of 15:48.312. Mark was the final Touareg to see the checkered flag with an amazing time of 13:25.247. Shortly after celebrating his class win, Ryan caught a train ride down the 14,110 foot hill, chartered a plane from Colorado Springs to Las Vegas to compete for the second night in the SCORE International Terrible's Cup III at the Las Vegas International Motor Speedway.

Friday night at the Terrible's Cup, Ryan took to the track at 7:00 pm for his first heat race, battling through the pack of Trophy Trucks on the short tight course for six laps to captured second-place. For the semi-main event, Ryan shot off the start line to waged combat against the 13 other trucks on the field. However, he was unable to duplicate his previous finish and finished in 12th position. Seated in the No. 82 Nitto Tire Trophy Truck, Arciero was ready to duplicate his early morning victory on Saturday. Ryan put in an amazing drive but found himself fighting more with his truck than with the others on the field. Ryan wrapped up Saturday night with a respectable seventh-place heat race finish and tenth-place semi-main finish.

2007/07/25 | 15:40 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Ryan Arciero

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