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Pirelli Scorpion Rally: KTM Dakar Riders on the new Rally.

KTM would like compliment Pirelli Tyre on their development of the new SCORPION RALLY Pirelli’s new tyre underwent extensive testing and collaboration with the best KTM rally riders and teams.

Piero Misani, R&D Director, Pirelli BU Moto: "The project to delivery of the Scorpion Rally for this 2009 Dakar demonstrated the worldwide approach of Pirelli Moto R&D, since the project was a joint effort between KTM and our development locations in Italy (mousses), Germany (rear tyre) and Brazil (front tyre). Ultimately, the Scorpion Rally achieved the best traction performance for the larger displacement motorcycles like the 690, since Pirelli used innovative compound materials and advanced mixing concepts which provided lasting tyre performance needed to cover the long stages. The specifications for this race were agreed upon and tested together by KTM and Pirelli prior to the start in a partnership which offers continuous development, for not only the 2009 Dakar Rally, but for many more races in the future."

KTM Offroad Director Pit Beirer: "We want to thank Pirelli and the whole Racing and development crew for this great success. It was for both of us a big challenge to go to this Rally in South America, where nobody had the experience how difficult this Rally will be for man and machine. In a very short period, Pirelli developed for us the best Rally tyre we ever had and the common win is a great prove for the strong partnership. In 2008 we won already together 2 Moto Cross World Titles and now we can open the new season with a Dakar win in the same style like we finished in 2008. The Pirelli/KTM relation is stronger than ever!"

Dakar 2009’s extreme diversity and newly charted territory was especially challenging for the teams, the riders and technicians to make the ideal setup is the environment was completely foreign from previous African Dakar races. Pirelli’s new Scorpion Rally proved to be the ideal weapon for KTM’s teams to adapt to the different off-road conditions encountered during this epic race. The innovative and complementary structure helped guarantee outstanding performance and high resistance to fatigue, and the compound and knobs layout provided great traction and grip.

From the positive feedback received during the initial testing sessions to the open communication throughout the Dakar, it was clear that KTM and Pirelli were a committed team. KTM and Pirelli look forward to all the excellent racing results this partnership will bring, as well as the strong and positive benefits from which two sport focused companies will inevitably find.

2009/02/12 | 23:52 CET | Editor: MR/HS/KTM

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