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Presentation: Italian Offroad Team "Cinghiali del Santerno".

Born in Imola (Italy) thanks to the passion of five friends for off road and nature, the 4x4 club "Cinghiali del Santerno" sees its official birth on April 25 2009 with supporters around all Italy. The club, which takes its name from the beautiful Valley of Santerno [ ] in the territory of Emilia Romagna, has Imola, Castel del Rio, Borgo Tossignano, Fontanelice and Casalfiumanese like prestigious off road setting for sporting and recreational purposes promoted solidarity.

With a management team (president; vice president; secretary, treasurer, press officer), at the end of 2009 the 4x4 club will become a national sports association affiliated to Italian Coni and regulated by special statute setting as main objectives the development of off road as a sport for young people offering also its cars for voluntary and civil protection in emergencies and natural disasters.

Since April, all the initiatives organized by the club to promote tourism in the city of Imola and the Santerno Valley have obtained important feedback on Italian press and on web site [ ] which has recorded over 500 visits in the month of September.

Among the initiatives promoted by the club, there are the off road exposure in the central Emilia Ovest Street during the event "Wednesday Imola" by Ascom, the one in Borgo Tossignano for St. Bartholome and the recent 4x4 exposure organized with CNA in Imola. The 2010 will include not only the club participation at national and international meetings but also the organization of the first official exhibition of "Cinghiali del Santerno", a perfect mix of sports promotion and tourism in the city of Imola with the presence of 4x4 vehicles and crews from all over Italy.

Winter activities will open on 1st November near Bologna with the Feast of Twinning between "Cinghiali del Santerno" and "Felsinea Off Road" together in sport to raise funds for Denise, a 4 years old little girl suffering from a rare brain disease that requires expensive treatment at the Center Hospital of Massa Carrara. The Ecuadorian off road magazine "Terreno Extremo" will speak about this important 4x4 feast. The club has already confirmed its subscribing to lists of the majaor rescue units making available for Imola and other cities in the Santerno Valley its men and 4x4 vehicles.

2009/12/21 | 21:15 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Sonja Vietto Ramus

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