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PRIMM 300: Arciero-Miller Racing battles strong at the PRIMM 300.

Drivers Ryan Arciero and Bob Shepard, navigator Benny Metcalf Jr., and the entire Arciero-Miller Racing (AMR) team endured the extreme temperatures of the Nevada desert to contend the No. 82 Nitto Tire Trophy truck in the SCORE International PRIMM 300 race this past weekend.

The PRIMM 300 is a four lap course with laps equaling a little over 72 miles each. The course consists of wide open desert land, silt beds that have the ability to swallow a truck whole, and large concealed rocks that will stop a 6,000 lbs truck in an instant. The AMR Nitto truck was entered into the SCORE race along with over 200 other entrants, 31 entrants in the Trophy Truck class.

"I haven’t raced PRIMM since 1999; however I was excited to return. I felt confident in the set up of the No. 82 truck and my crew worked hard to get it prepared for this race. Nitto Tires North America provided AMR with some excellent tires in order to get good traction in the silt and rock beds," said Ryan Arciero.

Shepard charged off the starting line in 16th place with each entrant starting 30-seconds apart. Bob had a battle in front of him; he put the hammer down and charged ahead. He flew past the main pit to the start/finish line for his second 72-mile lap with Metcalf Jr. navigating him through the rough terrain in seventh-place.

During the second lap Benny had to climb out of the truck to repair a flat tire and to fix a ruptured power steering line. Once the truck was running again Shepard was back on the throttle. At the AMR main pit the crew quickly changed all four tires, fueled the truck and replaced the power steering hose. Arciero climbed in behind the wheel and Ryan and Benny rocketed out of the pits and back onto the race course. Arciero raced across the course and was only slowed by another quick tire change. On the last lap, racing against the clock, Arciero and Metcalf Jr. exhausted from the heat and lack of power steering, turned a lap time of 1:34:09. The No. 82 truck crossed the finish line with a little over three minutes before the cut off time, finishing in tenth-place in the Trophy Truck division.

"We entered into the race with a good, fast reliable truck. We played the race smart and limited our mistakes. Nevertheless, the issue that arose on lap two with the power steering line set us too far back to take home the victory. The issue has been fixed and we are all ready looking to the Baja 1000," said Benny Metcalf Jr.

The Arciero-Miller Racing team heads to Ensenada, Mexico for the famed SCORE Baja 1000 on November 10th–16th.

2007/09/13 | 11:01 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Arciero Miller

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