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PROHUN 500: Service area in the heart of Gyula in Hungary.

PROHUN 500 cross-country rally race will be organized for a third time, on 10th-12th July, 2009, as a round of the FIA Central Europe Zone Cup for Cross-country Rallies. It means that foreign teams can collect points at this rally for the international championship. PROHUN 500 is the fifth race in the official FIA calendar, so the international cross-country rally field will arrive to the Hungarian town of Gyula after Italy, Slovakia and Montenegro.

PROHUN 500 will be different in 2009, not only because of being a Zone Cup event but also for its service area, which will be situated in the downtown of Gyula. Leaders of the town in the Southern part of Hungary, close to the Romanian border, recognized the possibility, and agreed to set up the service area of the rally on the four-line main road, in the heart of the town. Spectators may go around the service park, and can follow their favourite competitors' fights continuously. The parc fermé will be set up next to the service area.

More changes happened to the route of the special stages. The Doboz-Sarkad-Tarhos-Sarkadkeresztúr special is expanded. According to the idea of the Mayors of the villages, the route will be assigned closer to the centers of the villages, and local people will organise programs in cooperation with the race, at the same time.

The special near Kötegyán will be similar to 2008, but organizers will it a bit for making it more exciting. Méhkerék took the place of the last year’s Zsadány special. In fact, Méhkerék ’has’ even two specials, as the Újszalonta track will also cross some areas of Méhkerék.

Organiser Olivér Sólyom spent a whole week on the site in January, negotiating with the leaders of the vilages involved. “Our rally must have been successful in 2008, because almost the all local municipalities came up with new ideas and requests in this year”, says Sólyom. “Mayor dr. Klára Perjési and the management of Gyula were delighted with our idea of placing the service park in the centre of town. The leaders of the villages involved in the route of the special stages - Doboz, Kötegyán, Méhkerék, Sarkad, Sarkadkeresztúr, Tarhos, Újszalonta - had fantastic ideas to make the race more popular in their villages. They were ready for cooperation, we managed to sign all the contract, so from now on we can concentrate on the organization now.”

“Superspecial takes place next to Gyula, in a sand mine, where the events can be followed by spectators”, says the organizer. “By our preliminary calculation, car crews will cover 525,6 kilometres, while riders have 423,8 kilometres of special stages to complete. I hope that the 2009 edition of PROHUN 500 will be more successful than ever.”

2009/02/14 | 03:10 CET | Editor: MR/PROHUN/Rita Konya

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