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Prohun 500: Szalay Opel-Team win great Rally in Hungary.

The fourth Hungarian Championship event and run of the FIA European Zone Cup, the Prohun 500 in Hungary, ended this Sunday in the beautiful City Gyula near to the Romanian Border. The Rally of the Hungarian organizer Olivér Sólyom and his crew was organized very well and also the city of Gyula has done their best to give the competitors a warm welcome. As a Hungarian speciality also Amateur-cars were allowed to compete in the Rally.

In the FIA-class the Hungarian Szalay/Bunkoczi pair took over the lead with their Opel Antara RR on Saturday and they managed to keep their very first position till the end of the race. Finally, they finished first with a 3 min 4 sec advantage in front of the Hungarians Erik Korda/György Tóth (Monster Energy Nissan Navara) and László Palik/Gabor Darázsi (Nissan Navara).

The Czech "Offroadsport"-team of Miroslav Zapletal and Tomas Ourednicek couldn´t start with their Former-Carlos-Sousa Mitsubishi L200 due to engine-problems one day before the start and had to take the "Class B"-Mitsubishi Pajero, which normally should be rented to the Germans Sven Knorr and Andre Jokusch.

The Germans heard about the problems and gave their rented Pajero to the Czech Duo, for this they got an un-revided Mitsubishi Pajero, which broke during the rally. But after the Rally both parties found a good resolution for further cooperations, the Czech team could reach the 5th position and collected useful points for the Championship, which were not necessary for the Germans.

The crew of the Szalay Dakar Team could not have wished a more fruitful competition, everything happened according to their expectations. The team queued up to the start line of the superspecial on Friday with two Opel Antara RRs with the participation of Szalay Balazs and Péter Ramai duo. That time Szalay´s team was the third at the start but on Saturday morning they gained a considerable advantage.

Though they liked the swiftness of the terrain and perfect Organisation they were quite disappointed by the "many round" selective courses. Due to this the participants had to fight in each other´s dust cloud as they were started right after one another - so the cloudless riding was shadowed by the endless dust.

The order was set at the very front, Szalay´s unit was competing with Korda´s unit and the Czech Zdenek Porizek (X-Raid BMW X5CC), but Porizek and his Codriver Marek Sykora dropped out from the competition on Sunday after rolling the X-Raid BMW. Nobody was injured, but the car was damaged heavily.

The crew riding the Opel run through the selectives with joy, though they slipped three times on the first stretch they did not lose time, so the satisfaction of the team is understandable.

"We were very happy about the final score, and with this achievement besides being the first on this race, we have equal scores on the first place with Zapletal on the championship score list too. Because of this we are preparing with excitement to the Hungarian Baja, where the final rank list of the country championship will be decided" said Szalay excitedly.

The other racing pair of the team can also return home form Gyula with a trophy, after all they finished third in their category and they reached the 7th place in the overall. During the challenge the duo was scattering their car parts but apart from this they enjoyed the ride on the platform of the powerful Opel.

"We liked this race too and we seem to get used to this Antara. The stretches required technical skills, the organizers did a great job in putting together a very good cross country rally course. We were sometimes confused by the itinerary, but finally we always figured that we are at the right place. We are very grateful to our service team, they prepared an awesome car for us and we are also thankful to the Opel that it brought us safely to the finish" told Peter Ranai, driver of the silver-yellow Antara after the race.

In the "Challenge"-Category, which allows Amateur-Cars to compete in the Rally, the Hungarians Domonkos Benke/Bálint Szvetkó (Sandlander Nissan Navara) won the race in front of the German Vather-Son-pairing Bjoern and Walter Hrabal (Mercedes G) and the Hungarians Vilmos Kratochvill and Zsolt Gyurina, also starting with a Mercedes G-Wagen.

By this way a great "Thank You" to the beautiful town of Gyula, which had done everything to represent the international and national participants a great Rally. For more informations about the Rally and the City visit the official websites at [ ] or [ ].

2009/07/14 | 19:03 CET | Editor: MR/HS/K.Marton

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