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Rabakoez Cup Hungary: Report Saturday from Szalay Team Hungary.

The first part of the Rabakoez Kupa, round of the Hungarian Championship, is over and the field has already completed the course twice. But practice does not help much here as the course required quite a lot of technique and navigation, that there was no one among the entrants who found the right way for the first trial. The crooked courses tricked even the most experienced contestants. Besides this, the sections of the course contained many insidious gaps, and as a result that changing tires became the second most common activity.

Despite of a promising start the Hungarian Opel-Team Balazs Szalay/Laszlo Bunkoczi duo did not play well at the end on the Rabakoez Cup taking place at Kapuvoer. They already had some problems at the opening ceremony with the electronics of the Opel Antara RR, consequently the engine of the car stopped many times afterwards.

The unit successfully completed two out of the four sections planned for Saturday, and afterwards they were leading the overall in front of Mutczin and the Hungarian Celebrity Laszlo Palik. On the third selective the problems started again. After 2 km from the start the Opel Antara stopped again and Szalay came off the course. The problem affects the electronics of the car again and it is so complicated that it cannot be completely repaired at the service park. If they do not find the direct cause of the problem they may do more harm than help to the sensitive devices and parts. Therefore Szalay and Bunkoczi decided to spare the machine and not continue the competition.

Only one championship event was held so far for the participants of the division about a month ago on Derecske that they easily won and had the first place in the overall scoring. But now they missed their chance, hopefully only permanently, because they still not giving up on winning the championship. They were very close to the first place again, but Fortune was not on their side this time, but luck can change.

"I regret that we missed our placing due to such a problem, but certainly this was an option. We are not sure whether the problem is repairable or not. Can we continue or have to give up. If we find the problem, we evidently continue racing but I do not believe that we can find it. The problem can be anywhere in the cable bunch and it could have disconnected anywhere. We need time to be able to find what the primary problem is" explained Balazs Szalay after arriving in the service park.

The crew of the team´s silver-yellow Opel Antara, Peter Ranai and Tamas Galambos finished the day with some smaller astray, but had no technical problem fortunately. This is the second race of their life and it can be stated that they developed a lot even compared to their previous achievement. ?We are still at the scrutinizing and testing phase of rallying we are gathering information about what real racing is. We like the courses very much, but we did not expect them to be so tough. Tam?s is navigating quite well, we are doing fine? told Ranai about his experiences.

Matyi Somfai and Imre Somfai have not arrived to the service park yet, because on the last stretch the ventilation of the car went wrong and their water boiled.

01) Zapletal, Miroslav I Mitsubishi L200 I 02:21:00
02) Palik, Lazlo I Nissan Navara SA I +00:01:00
03) Porizek I X-Raid BMW X5CC I +00:05:09

2009/05/11 | 16:48 CET | Editor: MR/HS/

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