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Rabakoez Cup Hungary: Zapletal, Palik and Korda won Hungarian Rally.

Two units of the Hungarian Opel-Szalay Dakar Team arrived to the finish at the challenge taking place at Kapuvoer. Three selectives remained for Sunday, two being completely identical. Actually, the same two sections were prescribed as of yesterday, only backwards. Competitors shall believe that the direction does not matter, the competitions passed these courses twice before, but it resulted unexpected events in the scenario that were caused by the cunning turns and crossings.

Firstly, the Peter Ranai/Tamas Galambos unit arrived to the service park. They entered category T1, while Matyas Somfai and Imi Somfai started in category H from the end of the field. Peter Ranai stated to be vary satisfied with their achievement, as they accomplished what they came for, to complete the whole length of the course. Besides this, they additionally collected a category second place too.

"We are glad that we made it to the finish, because this was our second race. We are only at the learning phase, but we have the ability to compare. The courses were much harder than at Derecske. The challenged was eased by the repetition of the courses, so we could learn them faster. We missed the way a couple times because we had some problem with the counter, but in my opinion Tamas was navigating quite well even in this situation. Every race is a station, where we gain more and more experiences, and it seems that we caught the right train this time. We are very grateful to our team, and it was also a pleasure to see our friends cheering at the side of the course."

The Somfai Family racing with the white Opel Antara was also participating in their second competition. They entered category H that they successfully finished on the first place, though the members of the crew switched places this time. Matyi was the pilot and his father, Imre was telling him which way to go. They were doing fine on the two day competition, but they were often challenged by the dust when they caught up with cars in front of them.

"I liked the event very much, the courses were great and daring and were tougher than the ones at Derecske. This time I was driving the car and I liked this role too. It is interesting to drive such a car because there is no need for being cautious it passes every gap and ditch. At a right turn we almost rolled over, first only one wheel was on the ground, than two, that I let the car to roll, but fortunately it got back to the ground. Dad is very good at giving the directions that was very useful on these stretches" said Somfai.

The Opel Antara of Balazs Szalay did not participate in the challenge today, because they had numerous electrical problems yesterday that forced them to give up the race while being the first in the overall.

Non-official results of the Rabakoez Cup:

01) Zapletal, Miroslav I Mitsubishi L200 I 04:01:02
02) Palik I Nissan Navara I +00:03:31
03) Korda I Nissan Navara I +00:11:34

2009/05/11 | 16:48 CET | Editor: MR/HS/

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