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This is the single-news section of the marathonrally.com special of the Rainforest Challenge 2007, the hardest off-road trophy worldwide. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Rainforest 2007: An adventurous first transport stage.

As already announced the first part of the Rainforest Challenge 2007 had to be modified. About 100km were driven on normal streets after the prologue. The reason for that are the severe rainfalls in the region of Terengganu in the recent days.

However, the organizer Luis J.A. Wee was fulfilling the stories told about him again by making also this modified transport stage an extraordinary one. After driving on normal streets the last 12 kilometers went directly over seldom used jungle paths.

Six months of vegetation growth in the jungle are comparable with two years in a normal European environment. So the track was quite overgrown, small bridges were washed away on the left and right by the rainfalls. As a result the organization and press had to use tree parts and other means to extend the remaining bridge fragments to suite the vehicle widths. That of course in total darkness as the night starts early here at about 7h in the evening. A first real small adventure for everyone involved in the RFC.

On Monday morning the first special stage of the RFC will start. After that things will get tight for the participants. There will be no escape route to the left or right of the track. A route of 10 kilometers in the jungle can mean anything between 4 hours and 4 days.

After the start into the long jungle passages the teams will have to rely on themselves. Only the specially experienced so called "X-Men" organization members will be joining the participants.

2007/12/03 | 01:23 CET | Editor: MR/HS/JS

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