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This is the single-news section of the marathonrally.com special of the Rainforest Challenge 2007, the hardest off-road trophy worldwide. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Rainforest 2007: Return to the Roots at RFC Challenge 2007.

With the monsoon weather already showing its restlessness with occasional heavy downpours in the Malaysian Region "Hulu Terengganu", the recee team of the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) is having a tough time indeed. This year’s 10th anniversary theme is aptly named as "returning to the roots" where the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) was "born" in 1997. That means going back to the famed "Elephant Mud Hole" or the original "Terminator"-Stage of that infamous Great Escape year of 1999 - where the convoy was caught in between the rain and the awesome tracks. This episode is remembered for all times by those who experienced through the ordeal, and it became legendary with all off-roaders in Malaysia and aborad.

"Its like facing the old enemy once again, to relive the adventure and returning to our roots," said Luis J.A.Wee, the Event Director. And to do that, it means sending the pathfinders of RFC on a tough mission right from the start. Some parts of the old Great Escape route, however, have already been claimed by the new highway from Gua Musang to Kuala Berang. The "Bridge to Nowhere" of those days when the highway was not completed is now a bridge to civilization. However, even driving across this new highway is a real treat for nature lovers as one can see greenery upon greenery, lakes and forests throughout the journey.

But the inner part of these old logging tracks have been left untouched, untamed and unforgiving as they have always been. That’s where the scout team is facing its toughest time linking up the remnants of old logging tracks drenched by the monsoon rain.

"The Piece of Cake Hill, the Rocky Hill, the Border Crossing or Hakka Junction, the Wall are all obstacles of the first degree leading to the famed Sg Pelaggong," commented Rate de Silva @ Atek. Even in the early days, they were tough, but now they have turned even more formidable. "Looks impossible but its passable by the competitor teams with their fully equipped rigs," he added.

The recee team took a long and ardous time slogging through the labyrinth of trails for the last few weeks as the rains have wrecked their early plans with landslides, huge washouts and flooded swollen rivers. There will be many river crossing and winching exercises along the way, but it will be an adventure time to relish as they enter the Terminator and Twilight Zone of Hulu Terengganu of Sg Pelagong.

This is where the climax will be - tough time reaching it and even tougher time to conquer the "old enemy" once again. And this time, instead of one Special Stage (SS), there will be up to 3 SS at the same time. The scouts will again be stationed up the Terminator Hill for recovery. And the way out will be equally daunting as the scouts have found out recently - with big V-gullies, ruts, washouts and still more river crossings to do before reaching Camp Helipad and out to the ex- "Bridge to Nowhere."

Marathonrally.com is reporting directly from the Rainforest Challenge 2007 in Malaysia from December 1st. with daily news, photos, standings and videos.

2007/11/30 | 10:14 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Luis J.A. Wee

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