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Rainforest Challenge: Continuing the legendary Saga of RFC 2007.

After the amazing "unfinished" Rainforest Challenge (RFC) 2007 after heavy weather conditions the organisation is preparing for the RFC 2008, which will take place in the Jungle of Malaysia from December 5th until 14th. Herewith the latest news from the RFC from founder Luis J.A. Wee:

This year, we have "unfinished business" to settle with the dreaded Terminator at the Twilight Zone of Hulu Terengganu, Malaysia. For those who have already signed up and those in preparation, well, get Ready to Rumble. Come fully prepared to face anything that Nature can throw at you. This year, we shall start off on 5 December, a significant reminder from last year when non-stop rain started to hit us on the fifth day of December!

With hindsight, and with the experience from last year’s apocalyptic rain, the RFC organization, together with the State Government of Terengganu, are also getting ready to face the extremities of Mother Nature. However, as we are aware, even the best-laid plans can be derailed by the monsoon; but, this time, we shall be better prepared than ever.


Get ready to meet the Ladies of Steel in the RFC! Yes, this year’s attraction will indeed be very attractive to the eyes of all macho men of 4x4. Get to meet and see what they are made of; these All Ladies Teams from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China and from Malaysia. Preparations are under way for the moment, more details in our next update.


More Russians are coming. This time, from Moscow, we have Zecevic Marko from Cyvas Trophy Team. "After several years of decisions and preparations my brother and I have finally decided to take part in the RFC this year," said Marko. We welcome the 4x4 warriors from the biggest country in the world to RFC. This year, we shall have teams from the extreme west of Russia (Moscow) its extreme east (Andrey Kurdakov & his Offroad Club Xtrack from Vladivostok). They will be coming with 3 4x4 combat machines.


European zone. After Euro 2008, well, the next best thing for off-roaders is the RFC. Apart from the Russians, the others are also getting ready as competitors, officials, media and touring adventurers - from the Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians, Italians, Czechs, Danish, Germans, Austrians, British, Spanish, Hungarians, Dutch, Croatians and Turkish.


Out of Africa to the RFC this time will be participants from Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. The Zambians (Marek and Fred) went back last year fully fired up with passion to take on the jungle again this year, but this time with worthy competitor teams. These will be properly selected and should pass the extreme test at home first before they embark on their journey to Malaysia. More information coming on who will succeed.


On the Asian front, the 4x4 warriors from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and home country, Malaysia are on the move to join the RFC, both newcomers and returnees. Malaysian returnees like teams 113, 136, 117 and of course, the current champion 109 will be waiting to do battle all over again. This time, they will have to deal with the new rules on PTO and electric winch. But, all will be fair in the RFC war zone, no worry.


Enter the Dragon. Even though everything is abuzz now about the Beijing Olympics, a lot of behind the scene happenings are taking place in the "Middle Kingdom" in the off-road sector, but more news after the August Olympics.


Opening Ceremony/Prologue SS. The opening ceremony will take place on 5 December in Chukai town, and the Prologue Special Stages called Battle Stations will take place at Kijal and Kemasik on 5 and 6 December. Please remember to arrive in Kuala Lumpur latest by 3 December as the convoy will leave for Chukai and Kijal (Terengganu) by 4 December morning. Those arriving later will have to make their own travel arrangements to Kijal. For spectators no worry. On road travel from Kuala Lumpur to Chukai is approx 5 hrs.


The Great Escape Epic Story (of 2007). We are pleased to inform that we are progressing well with the compilation of the various stories. It will be a book to remember for sure with tales of high adventure, told from the various groups who lived through the event. Be sure to get your copy. Thanks to everyone who has sent in their articles. We’ll keep you updated.


Last but not least, a timely reminder to those making it to RFC this year. Be sure you have a good sense of humour and a positive spirit to match. Because, when the chips are down, when you are perpetually wet from day to night and when nothing seems to go right – you will need these qualities to go through the adventure. Panicky and being negative won’t help you at all, be cool. Remember that you are made of much stronger stuff than you can ever imagine. By living out this adventure event, we hope that you will discover or rediscover your sense of being. For those still contemplating of joining us, this is for you: live life as fully as you can, live the life less ordinary. Till the next news update, cheers.

For more informations visit the official website at [ ] or contact Founder Luis J.A.Wee at [ ].

2008/08/19 | 23:24 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Luis J.A. Wee

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