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Rainforest Challenge: Hilux Carnivals launched, new "Enter the Dragon".

News from the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) in Malaysia. The Hilux road shows that hit "pick-up country" of Sabah and Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo) since May came to an end on 30 June, spreading across 12 major towns. What a marathon one month and two weeks it has been for the organizing team of UMW Toyota and Future Oracle.

Apart from the number of visitors (nearly 50,000 in all the 12 venues) and new vehicle purchases, it was also an excellent time to network with many 4x4 enthusiasts not only in the two states but also from Brunei. See the pix and write-ups in our website [ ], news update, Hilux at 1 Borneo and RFC Hilux carnivals launched in East Malaysia.

Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is an enchanting destination. With its lush mountains, ancient cities, golden beaches, rich blend of colonial influence and local culture, warmth and hospitality, it's the place not only for holidays but also 4x4.

The Sri Lankan 4x4 came to RFC in 2006 and since then; they are always represented, albeit with different teams. But this year, "Indika and I are already confirmed of going, irrespective of whether we win or not in the selection rounds," said Navin Marapana (RFC 06 and 07) at the FWDC (Four Wheel Drive Club of Sri Lanka) selection round for RFC at Thulhiriya. Well, they won this first round.

From the South China Sea, another 4x4 force is emerging. Yes, this coming 19-23 September, it's Enter The Dragon, in Sanya (Hainan Island, China). Rescheduled from its August debut due to H1N1 flu pandemic, the preparations are underway to "unleash the dragon" on opening day this 19 September.

Apart from the numerous Chinese 4x4 teams, this inaugural event will be special, with the arrival of the first overseas teams, participants and press from Europe, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia. How will this first China-Sanya International 4x4 Challenge unfold? Watch the thrills and spills this September, in Sanya.

Back in Malaysia, on the RFC front itself, the battle plans have been drawn to face this year's "By The Rivers of Babylon." This time, the "Battle Royale of 4x4" will be fought in the southern state of Johor in West Malaysia. How will the event unfold this time around? Plenty of behind the scenes planning are underway for sure.

Four more months to go until D-Day on 5 December in Johor Bahru. The bravest of the land 4x4 daredevils and press from Europe to Asia are, again, preparing for this year's assault on RFC. Catch this year's Big Bang Carnival Opening and Prologue Special Stages in Johor Bahru on 5 and 6 December. Also catch these 4x4 warriors in Kuala Lumpur from 1 to 4 December.

2009/07/30 | 14:09 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Luis J.A. Wee

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