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Rainforest Challenge: Many news about the 10th MY Rainforest Challenge

The organisers are pleased to inform that Soly Khattar (Lebanon) and his Benzi 4x4 team will be the FIRST from the Middle East to sign up as competitor teams. Congrats! They will be making their debut entry with 2 locally hired 4x4s. Soly and his team came as observers last year. "To maximize our resources, we opted for hired vehicles from Malaysia. The most important is to enjoy the jungle adventure and share the friendship and camaraderie. See you all in December," said Soly.

Next, from Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of mystical island of Borneo, there will be two teams coming from P.T Jhonlim Baratama - the coal mining company based at Batulicn. RFC-Organiser Luis J.A. Wee was there for their Tanbu Xtreme Off-Road Challenge in April courtesy of Pak Hans Mudali (RFC Rep) and H.Syamsuddin (owner of the coal mine). The enthusiasm of the 4x4 teams shown in this event is really as "hot" as the weather over there (the Equator cuts across the island).

Representing P.T Jhonlim Baratama will be the "Boss" himself (H.Syam), really hot stuff teams from South Kalimantan. However, that’s not the end of the story. "This year there will be at least 5 teams (including Pak Yogi - Jakarta and Edy - Banjarmasin) from Indonesia to join in the 10th anniversary RFC, we shall celebrate with you," added Pak Hans. Well said, "enjoy aja!!"

The Ozzies are coming back this year with three teams from Queensland, Australia, led by MMM (Mean Mr Metcalfe - RFC Jungle Man. "It has been two years of absence, we kind-of miss you fellas & mud-glorious-mud. But it’s great to be back especially in this special year," said MMM. So watch out, it will be a "wild time indeed." Joining the contingent will be Chris Hummer - RFC rep as well as our veteran RFC Chief Scrutineer Peter Taylor. "We wouldn’t want to miss this 10th anniversary for the world!" exclaimed Peter and Chris.

The Italians will be back too, with Sandro Signorini, Alessandro Gentili and Lorenzo Savini - the RFC 2002-2004 campaigners. Patrick Slyvestri, the RFC 99 survivor of the infamous Great Escape of RFC of the same year will also be joining the teams for a reunion. "I am longing to come go back to Terengganu again, to relive my glorious time in the jungle, I am so glad that I am doing it in this special year," said Patrick. As for the rest of the Italian contingent, " We are looking forward to meet old friends and make new ones, and it’s simply great going back to RFC in this special edition," said Sandro.

From the UK, Steve Llyod and Gareth Bettinson are making plans too. Both Brits will make their debut this year. But you bet they are well prepared to take on the rough and tumble of the jungle. Both are also busy professionals, and taking time to prepare their "battle wagons." Gareth is based in the UAE while Steve is on home ground. "See you all in the jungle, we can’t wait till end Nov," said the duo. Not long to go, many moons to come and go before D-Day.

Magam Trophy, a partner of RFC will unleash its 4x4 warriors soon too, at the end of May in fact. This European event is also an elimination round for the finals in RFC 2007. The event brings together hard-core 4x4 teams from Europe for 3 days of thrills and spills around the Baltic region of Poland. The event, which made its debut in 2001 is a good place to hone up your skills in extreme 4x4. "We shall bring the best of Polish 4x4s to take on the finals in Malaysia," said Marek Janaszkiewicz, the RFC Representative.

From Dracula Country, Mircea Dumitrache has informed that there will be a surprise of sorts coming from Romania, after the Translyvania Trophy is over. The event will pit the skills of many European teams and is among the premier 4x4 trophy events in Europe will take place in June. "A surprise is a surprise, so nothing will be revealed yet," said Mircea. Well, no arguments there, especially from one coming from the land of Dracula!

From the home front, the State of Terengganu (this year’s RFC battleground) is also gearing up for D-Day. The State Secretariat for
Tourism is working closely with the RFC-secretariat to give you a memorable time. In 2005, the Trophy moved from the South (Chukai town) to the north. This time, the RFC shall begin from the north (Jertih town) and battle their way southwards to the Twilight Zone of Hulu Terengganu and Kenyir Lake. The closing will be at Primula Hotel Kuala Terengganu on 10 Dec.

Navin from Sri Lanka has just confirmed two teams with a possible third one for this year. This island paradise is full of 4x4 enthusiasm. The RFC-Organisers wonder what they will come up with this time, whatever their surprises, one thing you can be sure - you will see their fighting spirit all over again this year. Remember their 36-hour ordeal covering 8 kms in the Stairway-to-Heaven episode last year? More of them in our next update. With Indika again in our red Land Rover, we are thrilled to be in Terengganu to test ourselves in one o the most awesome route of RFC", said Navin Surath Marapana.

To leave no stones unturned for our "Big Bang" year, we have also roped in the local 4x4 Gendutt Club into our organizing committee with the inclusion of Ayub Jusoh, Rahim Wan Hassan, Mohd Sani, Engku Min and Jimmy. "Everyone is committed to give their best in this special 10th anniversary RFC," commented Ayub. And of course, our RFC X-Men scouts (under Atek) are also feverishly working out the route for this year, which will be something interesting of course. "Can’t reveal too much for now, but you can bet it will be a-la RFC style," said Atek.

That’s about it for our May deadline. Lots of others have yet to file in their reports and news, but more of them later. For those of you making plans to come the "Big Bang" Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Special Edition 1997-2007, please remember to contact the secretariat for any queries. To ensure that your emails reach us, please c/c to [ ]. For more informations please visit the official website at [ ].

2007/06/11 | 19:34 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Luis J.A.Wee

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