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Rainforest Challenge Murça: Legendary Trophy Event also in Portugal.

The Rainforest Challenge is not only a Malaysian Event - you can also find the "Jungle Fever" in Europe. In Portugal the Rainforest Murça was born in 2005 from the holdest Rainforest Challenge Selection. Before 2005, this RFC Selections were based in Spain and from 2005 move to the wonderfull, ancient Town of Murça in the north of Portugal.

Actually, the Event close the RFC Selection project and open the entry-form to all European teams. In the past two years teams from UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Bulgary compete in Rainforest Murça and gave the Event an International look. The territory are very lovely and amazing; in this area the productions of wine and olive-oil have a worldwide exports and the local Chamber winning few Awards all around the world. The event looks very extreme with the strongs no-stop 05 days & nights where the teams take part in more than 45 specials stages and sleeping only 3-4 hours every nights on the tracks.

The Rainforest Murça is famous for the special rules about the 4x4 assistance: The participating teams are not allowed to have a no-external assistance. If they broke something during the race, they have time for repairings everywhen - between the SS or after a DNF (Did Not Finish) in the special close-park. The rules are clear: If participants will not have spare-parts, they are out of the race!

The daily road-books between the SS pass true green forests, wonderfull panoramas on the top of highlands and blue-deep river-crossing for more than 60km a day. More than 50 marshalls and 20 officials yellow 4x4’s take part to the event, day and night. During the scrutineering days, the marshalls verifies the obligatory minimun equipments. For balanced the 4x4’s, the tires have a maximun sizes permitted in the 95cm (36inch), measured in horizontal happening through the center of the rim.

A special Thanks to the Murça Administration for help the organization about bureaucracy and for give an Official Administration people with 4x4’s and caterpillars for planning the tracks and prepare the SS.

The Rainforest Murça start from 01 to 06 of September; the entry fee is 1.500,00 Euros each team and include

- Inscription.
- Official cocktail of Tuesday, goodbye lunch of Saturday.
- Bags of meals Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
- Officials t-shirts and shirts for each participant.
- Officials stickers.
- Special rates in the purchase of 4x4 accessories.
- Road-book and competition info’s.
- Campsite zone of (it is not obligatory for the participants).
- Closed parks for the vehicles.

The final prizes are very interesting:

- The 1° team win 12.000,00 Euros
- The 2° team win 6.000,00 Euros
- The 3° team win 4.000,00 Euros
- The 4° and 5° win a 1.000,00 Euros

For further informations please contact Damiano d’Ambrosio at phone +39 348 5251632 or via Email [ ] or visit the official website at [ ].

2009/08/07 | 10:47 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Damiano d’Ambrosio

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