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Rainforest Challenge: New challenges and 2009 Event schedule.

This year's programme of the legendary Rainforest Challenge in Malaysia is now out in the new website [ ], a different route with different challenges but with beautiful rivers (Rivers of Babylon) and magnificent jungle settings. The organisation and Founder Luis J.A. Wee were also doing their internal revamp, as stated in the website, with changes in the official line-up.

Peter Taylor, our senior official will take charge as the Competition Manager this year, assisted by Sidik Khan. There are also changes in our scout and marshal crew as well as our communications and media logistics. All in, a good mixture of new blood lead by the seniors. There will also be minor changes in the rules to suit the jungle event. "We also make it a fun-filled adventure/SS as much as possible but within the RFC standard" reported Luis J.A. Wee.

The southern lowland forests of Hulu Sedili and Labis, with thick jungle canopies, are among the most awesome places to be, even on normal dry days. As for the weather even though Johor normally does not face the direct wrath of the Monsoon - but you can never tell. "Remember the 2003 episode? Where flooding in the region (Sg Selai) forced us to retreat to higher grounds? Well, the jungle is alive as we know it - its adventure out there. This is the RFC" says Luis J.A. Wee.

Rainforest Challenge 2009 Event Schedule

PRE-EVENT - 1 to 3 December

Arrival of all foreign participants and media in Kuala Lumpur. Scrutineering of vehicles.

3 December

Hotel Equatorial, Kuala Lumpur. Welcome Party : Big Bang Night.

D MINUS 1 - 4 December

Departure for Desaru (Pengerang). Night briefing at Desaru Golden Beach Hotel, Pengerang, Johor.


Opening Ceremony by VIP at Desaru. Followed by Prologue Special Stages at Desaru jungle camp. Night beach campsite 1.

6 December

Continuation of Prologue SS at Desaru jungle camp. Night beach campsite 1.

Predator and Terminator Stages - 7 December

Transport day to Hulu Sedili Forest Reserve. Light, medium to tough jungle transport stages. Campsite 2: Sg (river) Hulu Sedili Besar aka The Stony River.

8 December

SS at the Stony River. Same campsite (Sg Hulu Sedili Besar).

9 December

Transport day to Forest Reserve of Labis. Medium to tough transport stages. Campsite 3 : Hulu Sg Mas aka The Golden River.

10 December

SS at the Golden River.

The Twighlight Zone - 11 to 13 December

Welcome to the TZ of Labis. Regrouping at Selai Waterfall (Bekok) and finale SS. Campsite 4.

Closing Ceremony - 14 December

Transport day back to Johor Bahru for the closing and awards night.

Post Event - 16 December

Welcome Back Party: Big Bang II in Kuala Lumpur.

17 to 18 December

Departure of foreign participants and media.

2009/04/02 | 18:02 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Luis J.A. Wee

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