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Rally dos Sertões: Leader of the quads class may abandon the Rally.

The leader in the quads class, Robert Naji Nahas may not start the fourth round of the Sertões International Rally that leaves this Sunday from Alto Parnaíba (MA) headed to São Raimundo Nonato (PI). He had a violent crash, turned over his quad on Saturday and injured his shoulder during the Marathon round. He will be examined by the head doctor to know if he is in conditions to continue the race.

There is another situation that complicates even more the rider´s life. Because this is a marathon round it is forbidden to do any maintenance on the vehicles at the end of the day. "Nahas has an important injury on his shoulder but is being evaluated by our orthopedist", commented Clemar Corrêa da Silva, head of the Sertões Rally Medical team. Today´s race had a total of 485kms where 358 of them were timed.

The Marathon round has the tradition of influencing in a significant way the classification of the largest rally of the Americas. The defending champions in cars João Franciosi and his navigator Eduardo Bampi, continue in second place in the overall classification but are unsure about the marathon round tomorrow.

"When we got to the km 120 the car was in the air and did not go back to tractioning. I have a problem in the rear differential and because it is a Marathon round I will not be able to have it repaired tonight. This has already made me lose my sleep because I am afraid that the car will not be able to arrive at the end with only the front traction and break down all together", commented Franciosi, affirming that he will ask for divine help and even take an amulet tomorrow.

Good news - Meanwhile some had troubles other competitors received very good news. The Brazilian rider José Hélio jumped to second place in the extra-official accumulated result staying behind the Frenchman Cyril Despres - who won the round today. "It was an easy and fast day but I prefer that tomorrow be a harder day so that I can pick up some time on my riding because Despres´ bike is much better", he commented. In the Marathon round, David Casteu and José Hélio were second and third fastest, respectively.

The fastest competitor in the quads was Paschoalin, ahead of Maurício Ramos, also known as Índio, and Alfonso Henrique Leal. In the cars Paulo Nobre (Palmeirinha)/Filipe Palmeiro were the winners followed by Guilherme Spinelli/Marcelo Vívolo and João Franciosi/Eduardo Bampi. Edu Piano, Sólon Mendes and Davi Fonseca mantained the regularity in the trucks and set the best time of the Special for the third consecutive day. The second place team was Guido Salvini Netto/Weidner Moreira/Fernando Chwaigert and in third Amable Barrasa/José Papacena/Raphael Bettoni.

This Sunday´s round - Until São Raimundo Nonato (PI), the competitors will overcome 643kms where 309 are timed. After starting off through agricultural areas and roads the race becomes slower with a predominant gravel ground. There will be trial part and very steep down hills, besides radar zones and vegetation closed trails.

2007/08/13 | 11:34 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vipcomm

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