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Red Bull Romaniacs: Quad/ATV becomes a separate category.

The third edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs - an event that has been legendary from the first day - might see an alternation of generations in 2006: after the prologue in Bucharest a massive rally squad will hit the off-road and make its way all across the country for seven days until it reaches Sibiu for the final showdown. This time riders have twice as many (four) categories to choose from whereas the Quad/ATV category deserves particular attention.

The "Roof of Africa" rally played an important role in further developing the RBR since in Africa, the organisation team witnessed a great rally event offering an Enduro as well as a quad category. When the RBR contest masterminds finally decided to have an Enduro hobby category in the 2006 RBR event, it was quite a natural thing to have quad drivers do the same run. The route would be quite a bit easier to ride with just a few sections impassable for quads. These sections can be avoided and there are ways to drive around them. Quads and ATVs will be judged in the same category. So it is all up to the riders and the weather conditions to decide whether it will be the speed-oriented quads or rather the all-terrain-oriented ATVs that win the race after all. Let’s see what the weatherman has got for the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Red Bull Romaniacs is an off-road rally in the Southern Carpathians of Romania. It is a very tough and demanding seven-day race which will be dominated by those riders who prove to have the best combination of high speed, riding technique, team spirit and navigation skills. This unique contest has already taken place twice with a completely new race course at each event. The organisation team, including snowboard world champion Martin Freinademetz, have been and will be putting a lot of emphasis on providing the best possible service to the riders and people involved all along the world’s most beautiful and most diversified rally course.

Riders will have to concentrate on the conditions of the terrain along technical passages while the speed sections require great focus on the features of the track. However, the breathtaking scenery of the region will definitely leave a great impression on the pilots as well as the escorts. In contrast to other rally events though you won’t have to put up your tent and go camping; all RBR participants will be housed in a comfortable hotel at every rally destination on the way. For more information about services please go to the riders section on Participation fee includes all services and is relatively low compared to other desert races of the same level.

The organisers’ knowledge of routes and directions is based on extensive off-road course inspection trips on two and on four wheels during the past ten years. Nevertheless, the Red Bull Romaniacs 2006 required another three months of hard work to expand the existing 3.000 km road and path network. After all, the third edition of the toughest Enduro rally ever will include four (instead of two) race categories. Also, this time the race will start from the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

2006/08/10 | 13:53 CET | Editor: mr/Katrin Strobl

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