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Red Bull Romaniacs: The Route of the 3rd Red Bull Romaniacs


This year’s Red Bull Romaniacs rally will kick off in the city centre of Bucharest, on a spacious area of various hectares of size where former dictator Ceasescu managed to finalise only the foundations of a huge opera before he was shot dead. Riders will present spectacular riding skills along the sections between the foundations and along the embankments with spectators having great views of the whole course. After leaving the centre of Bucharest the Red Bull Romaniacs will drive along farm tracks and desiccated riverbeds towards the foothills of the mountains of the Prahova valley. From there, the course is leading through forests and dirt sections until it reaches the first stop, Sinaia.

Pro: 120km - 30km/h
Hobby, Quad/ATV: 120 - 20-25km/h

Day 2

From Sinaia to Sibiu - day 2 will take the riders along vast mountain ridges with the afternoon section continuing through a valley on the foothills of the Fagaras Mountains. Day 2 is not the most technically-demanding day of the whole rally; however, riders have to be particularly careful along the camel grass passages as they are very tricky. They only appear to be the perfect places to go full speed but might as well feature hidden hills and bumps.

Pro: 220km - 35km/h
Hobby, Quad/ATV: 180 - 25-30km/h

Day 3

The section between Sibiu and Petrosani is the first classic RBR leg - it is a technically-demanding passage with most of the section being high up in the mountains.

Pro: 200km - 30km/h
Hobby, Quad/ATV: 150 - 20-25km/h

Day 4

The section between Petrosani and Baile Herculane is a tough one, especially for motorcyclists. Quad and ATV riders may avoid and drive around the toughest 50 km on connecting routes which will make for a perfect day for them as they will be riding mainly across hills and smooth terrain. Those who are longing for a rest can take a relaxing thermal bath in the Baile Herculane.

Pro: 220km - 30km/h
Hobby, Quad/ATV: 150 - 25-30km/h

Day 5

Day 5 will definitely pose the greatest challenge to the participants as it is a 280 km monster route along a particularly tough and tricky track. Those who actually make it from Baile Herculane to Petrosani are expected to be able to finish the rally as a whole.

Pro: 280km - 30km/h
Hobby, Quad/ATV: 200 - 20-25km/h

Day 6

Getting from Petrosani to Sibiu on day 6 will not be the easiest thing to do but all the riders should manage to arrive in Sibiu in time.

Pro: 140km - 30km/h
Hobby, Quad/ATV: 120 - 20-25km/h

Day 7

The final showdown in Sibiu will be an impressive highlight for the spectators and some great fun for the participants. After starting from the centre of Sibiu riders will do a few radical high speed slide turns across tarmac and cobbled streets and then follow the course of river Cibin with obstacles along the way, on through the gipsy district to the brick factory.

2006/08/10 | 13:53 CET | Editor: mr/Katrin Strobl

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