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Red Bull Romaniacs: Vlad Dracula hit by a Motorcycle.

There are strange things happening in Dracula’s garden these days, some coming obvious at the emergency hospital in Sibiu/Romania, to where Vlad Dracula the 3rd has been brought with a rallyeguard and a clutch lever sticking out of his belly. In the accident-protocol, his own garden in his mountain-villa, usually used for summer holidays and his annual fresh blood diet, has been named as place of accident, so what the heck is going on down there?

It is Red Bull Romaniacs time and the area around Sibiu and Petrosani appears to once again turn into the hot-spot of the world’s best Hard-Enduro riders from all over the world. But even those guys’ blood will not be the freshest ever for Vlad D. #3, after having survived the five grueling days out in the Carpathian Mountains. This 6th edition of "torture on mostly two wheels" will cater just anything brutal, available in the beautiful countryside of Sibiu, Romania.

The world’s best riders in this rather difficult terrain, such as KTM’s 3 times winner Cyril Despres (AND), Chris Birch (NZL), Darryl Curtis (RSA), BMW’s armada baring 2 times runner-up Gerhard Forster and Erzberg-Hero Andi Lettenbichler (both GER), and Husaberg’s 4-stroke army with Shane Cuthbertson (CAN), Dieter Happ (AUT) and Jimmy Lewis (USA). Not to be forgotten at all in this elite field: Graham Jarvis, the title defender from UK on his Sherco 4-stroke 250. Overall, there will be riders from 24 Nations out of 4 continents at the start.

A race-track which has the capacity to squeeze out even the very last drop of blood out of the competitors: After a in-city prologue over man-made obstacles, traditionally put in place by Andy Fazekas and the Crazy Bike Club Sibiu and held in front of thousands of spectators, four more tough days, compiled and masterminded by Rally Organizer Martin Freinademetz, are waiting for the competitors: Day one leading over nice barbecue areas but featuring countless zig-zagging climbs and descends, just to wake everybody up. Day two making GPS navigation THE issue, day three leading over merciless tracks to the old mining-town of Petrosani, where a separate night-bivouac will be held, and day four returning to Sibiu on a stage which appears to bear more than a day’s work can stand. Very looooong, tough and absolutely merciless.

The very best party will round up the event with the traditional price giving being held in a stage of mind in which no one should dare to ride a vehicle any more and the rider’s blood, fed by some Red Bulls with Russian water, will make Vlad Dracula definitely take a taxi back home.

In short: In it’s sixth edition, the Red Bull Romaniacs Rally will again do just anything in order to kick a.. Make sure you’ll be there: Best case, live, on the starting line (free starting slots still available!), as a media-representative (riding with guides along the racetrack) or online at [ ] with our superb live tracking, allowing to follow the blinking dots live on an online-map, commented live by an elite crew of (embedded) field journalists and a blogging field waiting for your personal comments on the racing. So, to anyone: Be ready, by August 15, the mayhem will start and Vlad Dracula the 3rd is about sharpening his teeth already by now.

2009/07/28 | 20:32 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Bernd Hupfauf

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