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SA-Dakar 2012: Presentation of the Wevers Mitsubishi "high tech rally weapon".

Four of the Netherlands best rally drivers joined their forces in a unique endeavour: The Riwald Dakar Team powered by Wevers Sport. Bernhard ten Brinke, Gert Huzink, Richard Huzink and Erik Wevers take part in the 2012 Southamerica Dakar Rally with outstanding material: Three former factory Mitsubishi Racing Lancers, plus a Ginaf X2223 as fast assistance truck.

As preparation for the Dakar, the Riwald Dakar Team joined two rally raids, as there is no test like real competition. The teams impressed in both matches: They took the second, fifth and ninth place in the Baja Spain, run of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. On top, Bernhard ten Brinke recently triumphed in the seven-day Rally of Morocco, as Gert Huzink finished seventh. Richard Huzink managed to successfully finish the Ginaf competition truck in both races.

The multi-year project took a precise and yearlong preparation, in which Wevers Sport has played a leading role as experienced partner in rally preparation. After a thorough technical study the team chose for three Mitsubishi Racing Lancers; the best material available for privateers. The cars have received a complete rebuilt in the workshop of Wevers Sport with eye for the smallest detail.

The drivers of the Riwald Team will be accompanied by experienced co-drivers in Dakar 2012. Bernhard ten Brinke races together with French Matthieu Baumel (5 times Dakar), Gert Huzink receives his notes from Eugénie Decré (1 time Dakar), whilst Erik Wevers forms a duo with the Belgian Fabian Lurquin (5 times Dakar). Richard Huzink finds himself in the company of navigator Ed Wigman (3 times Dakar) and mechanic Jaap de Wit (6 times Dakar).

During the Dakar 2012, the teams will be supported by a balanced technical team of mechanics and engineers, under the wings of team manager David Serieys. The Frenchman has years long experience as logistics manager of Mitsubishi Motorsport, the team that won Le Dakar 12 times. The Team has a total of 14 technicians, two service trucks and two service 4x4s at its disposal.

Within the Riwald Dakar Team, Wevers Sport is responsible for the technical, logistic and service aspects in the run-up and during the Dakar 2012. As of 2000, the company initiated by Erik Wevers has built impressive expertise in preparation, maintenance, servicing and development of rally cars; specifically the World Rally Cars (WRC), which are technically of an incredible complex level.

Years of experience brought the rally specialist from Markelo a list of honours with tens of victories and four titles in the Open Dutch Rally Championship, including two titles for Erik Wevers himself. The extensive knowledge and experience with the ex-factory rally cars of Toyota, Skoda, Subaru and Ford forms an excellent starting point for the Dakar project.

Erik Wevers and his team did not take their task lightly. The run-up to the Dakar started with a comprehensive technical analysis of all technical aspects concerning participation in the toughest rally there is. Along these guidelines, Wevers Sport developed a detailed plan of action, which served as a directory for the execution of their plan.

In negotiation with the other drivers the choice was made to buy three ex-factory Mitsubishi Racing Lancers. The rally cars have been entirely dissembled in the workshop in Markelo, followed by a careful inspection of all parts and rebuilt completely according to the latest specifications. Where possible, the Racing Lancers have been further optimized by the specialists of Wevers Sport. This procedure has been repeated after the Baja Spain and the OiLibya Morocco Rally.

On the level of organization, Wevers Sport leaves nothing to chance. Especially for the Dakar project, Frenchman David Serieys has been appointed as team manager. He has many years of experience as logistics manager of Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sport team (MMSP) and worked during the Dakar 2011 as technical consultant for ASO, the promoter of the Dakar Rally. David Serieys is a man who knows the ropes and brings important Dakar experience to the Riwald Dakar Team powered by Wevers Sport.

Team structure during Dakar 2012:

3 Mitsubishi Racing Lancers
1 Ginaf Rally truck competition service (T4)
2 Service trucks
2 Service 4x4s
1 Media car

Service team:

1 Team manager
11 Mechanics
1 Engineer
1 Rebuilt mechanic

Supporting team:

1 Chiropractor
2 Reporters

The Mitsubishi Racing Lancer (codename MRX09) is the last by Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sports Team developed Dakar rally car. This high tech rally weapon is a product of all gained experience in 26 years of Dakar Rally. In this period of time, Mitsubishi won the toughest rally in the world no less than 12 times! That is the exact reason why the Riwald Dakar Team powered by Wevers Sport chose for the Mitsubishi Racing Lancer. The Racing Lancer distinguishes itself from all others by the light weight construction, thanks to the ingenious tubular frame and the use of feather light carbon, a.o. to be found in the body of the car.

Technical Specifications Wevers Mitsubishi

Engine: six cylinder 24 valves, 4 litres with dry sump system
Power and Torque: 300 bhp, 440 Nm
Transmission: 6 gear sequential with mechanical gear selection
Fuel tank: 420 litres
Body: tubular frame from aerospace steel and carbon body
Propulsion: permanent 4WD system with mechanic centre differential, Ricardo front & rear differential
Suspension: front and rear independent with double wishbones and coil springs; rear with extra anti roll bar
Damping: Reiger Suspension fully adjustable
Trail: 250 mm
Steering: rack & pignon ratified
Brakes: ventilated disks front and rear with 6 pots Brembo brake callipers
Wheels and Tyres: OZ Aluminium 7J x 16, BFGoodrich 245/80 – 16
Length & Width: 4.475 mm x 1.990 mm
Wheelbase: 2.900 mm
Track: 1.750 mm front and rear
Weight: 1.825 kg

The "bigger" high tech Rally Machine - the GINAF X2223. The Netherlands is known for its innovative Dakar Trucks. The Ginaf X2223, built in Ederveen is an outstanding example. This rally truck combines proved (and extremely durable) technique with an extra powerful engine. The DAF MX engine is adjusted for rally use; the power has been increased from 510 to 750 bhp. In combination with a low weight of 9 tonnes and a 50/50 weight distribution, these characteristics result in a perfect steering, robust Dakar truck.

Technical Specifications GINAF X2223

Engine: DAF MX 12.5 litres
Power and Torque: 750 bhp, 3000 Nm
Gear Box: ZF 15S221, supported by ZF-Steyer VG 2000
Chassis: Ginaf Trucks
Cabin: Ginaf Trucks, X-series day cabin with 3 seats
Construction: Van Dijk, VML with aluminium pillars placed on an aluminium frame
Fuel tank: 850 litres
Drive shafts: GKN
Axles front and rear: Sisu Axles
Damping: Ginaf / Reiger Suspension
Weight distribution: 50/50 (f/r)
Wheelbase: 4.400 mm
Length and Width: 7.000 mm x 2.559 mm
Total Weight: ca. 9.000 kg (ready including fuel)
Top speed: 150 km/h limited

2011/11/21 | 21:38 CET | ARTICLE: MR/SY/WEVERS

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