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Sardegna Rally Race: European Motobike-Marathonrally for 1.800 Euros.

The greatest Rallies, epic off road adventures born in Africa, have been trying for a long long time to get a completely European event in their history book. Almost in every place of the "Old" Continent grew up races inspired by African marathons, but none of them survived the test of time, not even leaved a remarkable trace. Then came the Sardegna Rally Race by Bike Village. Just in the first edition it collected a great share, becoming the entire season's reference race.

In 2008 Sardegna Rally Race was the only Rally to gather in all the best pilots of the World, also having a high navigation coefficient, and wide variety of tracks and scenarios, both environmental and competitive. It wasn't the fastest, but with no doubt it was the safest of the World circuit. By the end, it was the most affordable and cheapest Rally in the Motobikes FIM World Championship.

"Men are at work" to get an even better 2009 Edition, to give everybody a more exciting feeling. Taking learn from the inevitable flaws of the first edition, Sardegna Rally Race gets the starting point to grow stronger and go straight ahead. Within the most important new Sardegna Rally Race edition's features let's mention the increased kilometric lenght of Special Stages and a Ring Stage, the third of the programme, starting and arriving in Arborea.

In five race days the Rally will reach the four corners of Sardinia and will cross the most beautiful spots of the island, with many new tracks and two unforgettable "coast to coast" stages.

All that is in the plan of the only entirely European stage of the World Championship. All this "stuff", and more, at the same conditions of participation as 2008, that is the lowest entry fee of the Great Rallies history. Big champions have just signed in. Until the 15th of March the pilot's entry fee is reduced to only 1.800 euros. For more informations visit the official Organizers website at [ ].

Dates and costs

15th of March - Last day of reduced entry fee A, 1800 Euros/pilot
15th of April - Last day of reduced entry fee B, 2000 Euros/pilot
10th of May - Last entry day. Complete fee, 2400 Euros/pilot


27 May - Technical and administrative (?) check. Prologue.
28 May - 1 stage - San Teodoro-Arbatax
29 May - 2 stage - Arbatax-Arborea (Coast to Coast)
30 May - 3 stage - Arborea-Arborea (Ring, towards South and Sulcis)
31 May - 4 stage - Arborea-Alghero
1 June - 5 stage - Elghero-San Teodoro
1 June - Gala Evening and prize giving cerimony

2009/03/09 | 13:26 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Bike Village

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