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Sardegna Rally Race: Last review of 2009´ course tracks.

Grand final for Sardegna Rally Race 2009. A two-days long marathon stage, looking back to old legendary Great Rallies: Campfire on Mount Limbara between the two last stages. Closed paddock for the bikes and a magic unforgettable night on the natural flat that overlooks the north-east coast of Sardinia and the sea. Over Tavolara there's Corsica on the background.

Fourth stage, Arborea - Tempio, 410 km: It starts with a mixed tarmac-dirt transfer of 8 km to reach the start of the first Special Stage. SS1 of the 31th of May it's 110 Km long and crosses the great forrestal complexes of Mount Arci and Mount Grighine. Tracks are fast between the woods and a little more hard on long firetracks and some abadoned tracks, then the competitors will find a controlled velocity connection of 12 km.

At the end of SS1 all pilots will reach, 110 km forward, the Assistance Point of Orani. After another 42 km starts the second Special Stage of the day. 64 km with a controlled speed junction of 1 km. After Medio Campidano and Iglesiente, homeand of the most extreme enduro in Sardinia, it's time to ride in the High Oristanese and return to Foresta Burgos. Navigation her, in the maze of tracks of the undergrowth, will make the difference between more or less experienced pilots. Mostly fast tracks, much dirt and a prevalence of undergrowth.

Fifth stage Tempio - San Teodoro, 230 km: 20km of transfer crossing the town of Tempio to Bortigiadas and the fifth and last stage of Sardegna Rally Race gets real. Special Stage 1, 80km, it's entirely drawn inside the forrestal yards of Bortigiadas and Mount Limbara. Majestic scenarios and incredible panoramic passages on the valleys, riding between enormous granite rocks of the most surprisingly shapes. Big skills in navigation are required, with great riding technique, to have a short ride in the countries of Fabrizio De Andrè, who had in Sardinia his second home.

Some short controlled speed junctions, varying from 500m to 1km, then after SS1 a short transfer to the town of Berchidda, where assistance will be made, then a few km of dirt track to reach the start of the second Special Stage. Little less than 80km long, with only a very short controlled speed junction of a few hundred meters. A lot of navigation and riding technique on the tracks of the forresta yards of Su Filigosu, Buddusò and Alà Dei Sardi. The final transfer of 30km will make no trouble to the competitors and will be partly on dirt and partly on asphalt.

As previously said, between the two stages all competitors will gather at the tent campifire set up by Bike Village on Mount Limbara for a night under the stars. A well prepared evening, dedicated to Sardinian tradition, with sardinian speciality dishes cooked on the grand fire at the centre of the camp and the long table with all the stars of Sardegna Rally Race. Rally rider "stars" and stars in the sky, the night between the 31th of May and the 1st of june will be unforgettable, before getting back to San Teodoro and to the end of Sardegna Rally Race.

2009/05/14 | 17:45 CET | Editor: MR/HS/BikeVillage

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