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Sardegna Rally Race: Rally unveiled - first of five stages.

First Stage: San Teodoro - Arbatax. Through Bassa Gallura, Barbagia, Ogliastra. 350 Km (20km + 90km SS1 + 110km transfer + 110km SS2 + 20km) These are the three wonderful geographical areas of East Sardinia that will be passed through during the first stage, a semicircle that will link San Teodoro to Arbatax. Competitors will have to race 350km (not bad as a start) with two Special Stages.

A little transfer, less than 20km to reach Padru, and then starts the real race. First SS, 90km: 20+14RVC+56km. It’s a fast SS, trough the forestal yards of Padru, Sos Littos, Coiluna, Loelle e Crastazza, in correspondence of the sites of Padru, Bitti, Alà dei Sardi, Buddusò and again Bitti.

As previously announced some SS of Sardegna Rally Race will have a short road or track connection to link up the two main branches of the stage’s track. Competitors will have to take them at controlled speed. So the first stage will be perfect to fit progressively in the spirit of Sardegna Rally Race.

No relevant technical toughness, long fast tracks, a good taste of navigation. After refueling at Bitti, the next 110km will be driven by the riders as a transfer to Nuoro and Orgosolo, where it’s located the Assistance Park and, a few km ahead, will start the second SS of the day. This SS will be a little slower, generally more technical, with stony zones. Slower velocity and much more navigation, but nothing too complex for competitors at their first effort.

Let’s here remember that first stage’s recon had been done with a 4x4. In short words: first 70km, then a 17km at controlled speed connection, so a final part of 23km. Again the magnificent forrestal parks of Orgosolo, Villagrande, Talana e Baunei, will be passed through, then the finish line at Arbatax. First stage starts from the Sea of San Teodoro and ends on the beach of the luxury and comfortable Costa dei Saraceni. So this is a first stage not particularly demanding but already tuned up with the legend of sardegna Rally Race.

15th April: Last deadline for reduced registration fee B, 2.000 Euros/Pilot
10th May: Last deadline for registration. Full fee, 2.400 Euros/Pilot

27th May: Technical and administrative check. Prologue.
28th May: 1st stage. San Teodoro-Arbatax
29th May: 2nd stage. Arbatax-Arborea (Coast to Coast)
30th May: 3rd stage: Arborea-Arborea (Ad anello, verso il Sud ed il Sulcis)
31st May: 4th stage: Arborea-Alghero
01st June: 5th stage: Alghero-San Teodoro
01st June: Gala dinner party and Award Ceremony of Sardegna Rally race 2009

2009/04/15 | 20:11 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Bike Village

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