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Sardinia Rally: Victory for Marc Coma in the third leg.

Crossing the halfway mark of the Sardinia Rally, Marc Coma has taken the lead in the overall standings after winning the two special stages raced today and he is now in optimal conditions to take the victory of the Sardinia Rally for the third year in a row. The Repsol rider was fastest both in the first 37-km special and the second 42-km special, thus moving up from fourth to first in the overall standings, with an advantage of almost two minutes over the second classified rider, José Manuel Pellicer.

The Repsol KTM rider made good use of the fact of starting fourth in both of the specials to attack on the fast tracks that were covered during these stages. Coma was able to set a comfortable, fast pace to catch his rivals and thus achieve a final advantage that was not only enough to clinch the victory of the day but also the lead in the overall standings.

However, there is still almost half of the rally ahead and caution is the main issue for the Spanish rider who will have to face tomorrow the longest leg of this year:s Sardinia Rally with a total of 367 kilometres, 132 of which will be timed.

Marc Coma: "Everything went very well today and I have been able to follow the planned strategy. I made good use of the fact that I was starting from behind and tried to attack. We´re doing well so far, but there are two days to go and I know that there:s nothing done yet. Today´s specials were a bit faster than the previous, maybe with a little less navigation. It's been a bit easier than and not as technical as the first two days."

Leg 3: Oristano - Villanovaforru
Liaison: 17 Km.
Special: 36 Km.
Liaison: 40 Km.
Special: 42 Km.
Liaison: 80 Km.

1st special

01) Marc Coma - 00:37:53
02) Francisco López - 00:38:12
03) José Manuel Pellicer - 00:38:57
04) Rubén Faria - 00:39:02
05) Matteo Graziani - 00:39:07

2nd special

01) Marc Coma - 00:48:09
02) José Manuel Pellicer - 00:49:11
03) David Casteu - 00:49:26
04) Matteo Gaziani - 00:50:26
05) Paolo Ceci - 00:54:18

Overall standings:

01) Marc Coma - 05:46:36
02) José Manuel Pellicer - + 1:55
03) Dvid Casteu - + 2:27
04) Matteo Graziani - + 2:28
05) Francisco López - + 10:43

2007/05/03 | 14:28 CET | Editor: MR/HS/GM

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