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SCORE 2009: Mastercraft adds second Trophy Truck to the Team

When asked why he purchased a second Trophy Truck, Robbie Pierce, owner of MasterCraft said, "I don't really know why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time! I once offered to buy a lady a house and she said she wanted a Trophy Truck instead. I guess I took her serious!"

While no one, including Robbie, can agree how it all started - it would seem as though it began after a great day of pre-running this year's Baja 500 course and while sharing a few margaritas with some old friends while staying at Mike's Sky Ranch. Ordering the final few rounds of drinks before the generator shut off for the night, Mike Julson of Jimco and Robbie began discussing the purchase of a custom-built pre-runner. After some less than conventional negotiations, a crisp hundred dollar bill was handed to Julson for the commencement of the new desert toy, and so the story begins.....

Returning from the Baja 500, numerous subsequent discussions took place regarding the build of the pre-runner and from there things just kind of snowballed. "If I am going to have an expensive pre-runner, why don't I have an expensive Trophy Truck as a back-up instead?! Afterall, Trophy Trucks are like beautiful women, they are fun.....but expensive!" was the best excuse Pierce could come up with. Plans were coming together for the new Jimco when a change of circumstances for the Lofton No. 20 Trophy Truck team would provide Pierce with the opportunity to purchase their truck.

Bob Lofton, owner of the No. 20 Trophy Truck, realized he had a bitter-sweet decision to make when his son, Justin Lofton, was selected as the driver for the second car added to the CJM Racing Team in the ARCA Re/Max Series earlier in July. The incredible opportunity Justin was presented with provided a platform for a truly successful racing career and was just too good to pass up. While both Bob and Justin Lofton are avid desert racing enthusiasts, it was clear they would need to sell the No. 20 Jimco Trophy Truck so they could focus their time and efforts on Justin's potentially high-profile NASCAR career.

With just four races under its belt and the fact it was a matching Jimco chassis to the No. 35, the Lofton truck was an obvious choice to add to the MasterCraft line-up. Purchasing the original Jimco Trophy Truck chassis and currently campaigning it under the No. 35 in the SCORE International Series, Robbie Pierce said, "I have almost driven all the Jimco trucks and now I guess I own the first two! I have also been honored with sharing the driving duties for the Vegas to Reno race with Wil Staats in the No. 42 Trophy Truck, which also happens to be the third Jimco truck produced."

Future plans for the two truck MasterCraft team have not been finalized for the 2010 race season, however, the immediate plan is for Mike Julson to debut the No. 20 at the SCORE International Primm 300 and finish out the year with the legendary Baja 1000. "I am very excited to be a part of the MasterCraft two truck team and finish what we started at this year's Baja 500. Unfortunately, I lost out on a truck sale but I think Robbie will still want that pre-runner so I am not returning his hundred dollar bill!" commented Mike Julson.

As the countdown for the Primm 300 race begins, the "Outlaws" of this year's Baja 500 have something to prove - but now X2!

2009/08/09 | 18:11 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Mastercraft

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