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SCORE Baja 1000: Rod Hall Racing captures two class wins.

Rod Hall completes his 42nd Baja 1000 and clinches 21st class win(s). In what can accurately be described as epic, Rod Hall Racing captured the Stock Full and Stock Mini class victories at the 2009 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in an exciting, tight race to the finish. The course was 672 grueling miles across northern Baja.

In the Stock Full class, Chad Hall left the line in the Hummer H3 Alpha and was immediately engaged in a tight race with Kent Kroeker in the Dodge Ram 2500. They continued to battle it out for the entire duration of the race until approximately forty miles from the finish when Kroeker broke an axle forcing him to DNF.

"I ran the truck as hard and fast as I could and just couldn’t believe how well the H3 handled the brutal terrain. We had no mechanical issues and only made slight suspension adjustments." The youngest Hall now has an impressive eight Baja 1000 wins and the Hall family has won the Stock Full class every year since 2001.

When Rod Hall left the starting line in the Stock Mini Hummer H3, he made history as the only person to compete in all 42 editions of the Baja 1000. The race changed quickly when Hall lost the steering at race mile (RM) 40. Rod traded driving duties with Mike Winkel and at RM128 the steering rack failed again where they limped it to a remote pit and changed the steering rack. The truck was back up and running with a 100-mile deficit and was handed off to Emily Miller at RM206 near midnight. Miller had a trouble-free run and delivered the H3 to Mike Winkel at RM394. By this time, the challenging Baja course had begun to take its toll on the factory Honda and Toyota teams and at RM530 all three trucks were racing neck and neck. Winkel stayed focused as he battled it out with Ivan "Ironman" Stewart all the way to the finish
line. Winkel crossed the line victorious - eight minutes ahead.

After Rod Hall achieved his unprecedented 21st class win at the Baja 1000, he noted "With the experience our team has in Baja, we know it isn’t over until you cross the finish line. We are fortunate to have an enduring, winning partnership with Hummer and BFGoodrich. The purpose-built H3 is a tough truck and we didn’t experience one flat tire on either vehicle."

2009/11/25 | 15:12 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Rod Hall

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