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SCORE Baja 300 Germany: Armin Schwarz - we now launch stage 2.

From Armin Schwarz, founder of Baja 300 Powerdays: "I know that this Letter is a little late in coming and I ask for your understanding. Our Baja 300 Powerdays Germany from the 24th to the 26th July were not only rather demanding prior to this huge event, but we also had to put in a couple of nightshifts afterwards.

Our European premiere for four types of offroad competition, all in one place at one time on a purpose-built track and with superstars that the fans could actually talk to, was absolutely wonderful. Sal Fish, who brought not only his stars and their race machines from the US SCORE International Offroad Series, was totally enthusiastic. And one thing is certain: We will be back in 2010, and we will launch stage two. We will contest a 300-mile race following the concept of the Baja 1000 classic. So the future looks very promising for us.

But let's go back to the Powerdays. Every one of the drivers and partners pulled together 100% and displayed as much professionalism as enthusiasm. Our estimate for visitor numbers is between 15,000 to 20,000. What the fans witnessed was breathtaking: Trophy Trucks, Buggys, World Rally Cars, cross machines - all together in one huge display on our track. Our parties on Friday and Saturday night were fantastic. Fans and stars celebrated side by side. If I remember correctly we turned the music off at five on Sunday morning.

And by the time we kick-off we will have learned a huge amount. For instance, that freestylers and stunt artists can precisely plan and predict their flight path of 50, 60 metres with their cars and motorbikes. The angle, the length of the run-up, the height, even the foundations and surface of the tracks can be specified by these unbelievable experts. When two or three of these stunt fliers fly through the air on what looks like a collision course, and the whole act looks unmanageable, this air show is in fact controlled as precisely as the airspace over an airport.

Now I'm receiving hundreds of emails. The fans are still totally enthusiastic - especially over the fact that they could talk shop with the stars of the motor sport they love.

The drivers all agreed on one point: The show was fabulous, but in 2010 they want to go racing. After all, they are thoroughbred racers. Okay, I'm all for it - we're now working flat tack towards 2010. I want to sincerely thank all drivers, partners and sponsors as well as the Rally, Race and Watersport Club Lausitz who made our event possible."

2009/08/09 | 18:11 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Armin Schwarz

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