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SCORE Baja 300: New 300 mile offroad race in Germany in 2010.

Another important date is added to next year’s European motorsport calendar. A 300 mile offroad race, following the concept of the famous SCORE Baja 1000 in Mexico, will be contested in July 2010 for the first time on European soil. It was announced by Sal Fish from America and ex-European Rally Champion Armin Schwarz at the press conference to open the Baja 300 Powerdays in Germany.

Sal Fish (70) heads the world’s largest offroad racing association, SCORE International Offroad Racing Series with its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The 2009 calendar of this motorsports series consists of five desert races, from short offroad sprints to the BAJA 1000, the oldest and most famous offroad race in the world.

SCORE CEO Sal Fish says: "Armin has contested our series in the US for the last three years. Shortly after he started, he developed the idea of working with us to bring our fascinating motorsport to Europe. At SCORE International there’s a lot of pioneering spirit, and there was only one option for us: Let’s get to Europe - at race speed. What I see here at the Baja 300 Powerdays makes me very optimistic. I can only say thanks to Armin and to the Rally, Race and Watersport Club of Lausitz who have turned this idea into reality."

Armin Schwarz (46), as the initiator of the Baja 300 Powerdays explains: "It is a great honour to have the world’s largest offroad association taking up this huge project with us and seeing it through. For me personally, it’s primarily all about great motorsports as we have the SCORE Offroad Series, without any unnecessary politics and regulations. Our mutual goal is to create a series that anyone can be involved in - from ambitious amateurs to manufacturer teams."

For this reason, the homologation of the race vehicles corresponds closely to the American pendant. This means: The European SCORE Baja 300 is open for all safe race vehicles, from SCORE Trophy Trucks to Buggys, vehicles complying with the Dakar regulations to near-standard SUVs, motocross, enduro or electro motorbikes. Whoever wants to drive, will drive. The famed BAJA 1000 has over 500 competitors competing in around 25 classes - from pure amateurs who race under their own steam to professional race squads and official works teams.

SCORE President Sal Fish adds: "We all share the same passion. Each and every competitor should have the chance to pit themselves in the same arena and on the same route and experience the same adventure as the superstars of our sport." Armin Schwarz is already looking ahead to the future: "Together with Sal and SCORE we are putting together some fascinating plans. It’s entirely possible that we establish a worldwide series where the best drivers on each continent receiving an invitation to the other regions. This means in the future the class winners of the European BAJA 300 could start at the BAJA 1000 and vice versa - top drivers from the US would come and race with us in Europe."

2009/07/29 | 18:14 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Reiner Kuhn

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