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Sertoes Rally PLP: New Record of foreign competitors.

The 16th edition of the Sertões International Rally, to be realized from June 17 to 28, starting from Goiânia (GO) and finishing at Natal (RN), will have a full starting grid. The event, considered one of the world´s largest in the off-road world has 168 vehicles entered: 93 bikes, 9 quads, 57 cars and nine trucks.

The race has established a new record among foreigners, they are 38 competitors coming from 14 countries - in 2007, the event had 27 foreign competitors. Drivers/riders and navigators from Chile, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Argentina, Qatar, Sweden, United States, South Africa, Germany, Spain, France, Uruguay and Australia will cross the Brazilian country side.

The large amount of international competitors is justified due to the fact that the event is part of the FIM Cross Country World Championship calendar since 2005 and this year it debuts as a round for FIA World Cup.

Competitors from all over the world will cross 6 Brazilian states and travel for 4732 kms. Of this total distance of the event 2.567kms will be timed, in other words 54% of the race will be of Specials.

The Brazilians are also strong in the competition. There are competitors coming from 17 states like São Paulo, with the largest number of competitors, a total of 77. Following is Minas Gerais, with 18, Rio de Janeiro, with 14, and Paraná, with 13.

Highlights - Among the trucks, besides the reigning champion Edu Piano, the drivers Guido Salvini Neto and André Azevedo are confirmed. Maurício Neves and Clécio Maestrelli will defend the title among the cars and will be challenged by competitors such as Reinaldo Varela/Marcos Macedo, Riamburgo Ximenes/Stanger Eler, Carlo de Gavardo / Sidinei Broering and Giniel de Villiers/Dirk von Zitzewitz - official Volkswagen factory team that was runner-up to the title last year.

In the bikes, the dfending champion José Hélio intends to go after his 4th title of the Sertões. The national highlights also include the experienced Dimas Matos as well as the Austrian KTM official factory team with Frenchman Cyril Despres (2006 Sertões winner, 2004 World Champion and two-times Dakar Rally winner), the Spaniard Marc Coma (3-times World Champion and 2006 Dakar Rally winner) and David Casteu (2007 Dakar winner). In the 4x4s quads, Robert Naji Nahas is one of the favorites because last years champion will not be part of the rally.

Sertões Experience - Goiás - The Sertões Experience - Goiás, is a race for amateur competitors that have never participated of the Sertões. It has 12 entries being 3 cars and 9 bikes. The competition is the entrance to the Sertões Rally where competitors are able to get the taste of the event during the first three days.

The first-time adventurers come from 7 Brazilian states. The paulistas and goianos are the majority. Bahia, Minas Gerais, Tocantins, Goiás and Rio de Janeiro, besides Distrito Federal, are also on the list.

Schedule - 2008 Sertões - PLP International Rally

May 20 - End of online Registration period
May 20 - Last day for reception of compulsory documents
June 14 - Opening of Race Secretariat
June 15 - Race Secretariat and Scrutineering
June 16 - Race Secretariat, Scrutineering, Press Conference
June 17 - Briefing, promotional start with nocturnal Super Prime
June 18 - 1st round - Goiânia (GO) - Santa Helena/Rio Verde (GO)
June 19 - 2nd round - Rio Verde (GO) - Aruanã (GO)
June 20 - 3rd round - Aruanã (GO) - Niquelândia (GO)
June 21 - 4th round - Niquelândia (GO) - Paranã (TO) - Marathon round
June 22 - 5th round - Paranã (TO) - Palmas (TO)
June 23 - 6th round - Palmas (TO) - Balsas (MA)
June 24 - 7th round - Balsas (MA) - Floriano (PI) - Marathon round
June 25 - 8th round - Floriano (PI) - Crateús (CE)
June 26 - 9th round - Crateús (CE) - Mossoró (RN)
June 27 - 10th round - Mossoró (RN) - Natal (RN)
June 28 - Award Ceremony

2008/06/07 | 14:44 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Vipcomm

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