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Shamrock Rally: Nothing can stop Despres and Peterhansel

Largely dominated by Cyril Despres (motorbike) and Stéphane Peterhansel / Jean-Paul Cottret (car), the third leg will be the one to remember in the Shamrock 2009. All smiles after his intense effort, Hervé Theuriot (No. 104) said: "believe it or not, I almost missed the start this morning after failing to wake up, I would have hated myself as i thoroughly enjoyed myself." By his side, Thomas Bourguin (116) confirms, "A very physical stage. After the stones of the first two days, it was nice to be in the sand and to really navigate today". Stephane Hamard (11) is equally enthusiastic despite admitting, "The bitch fell on me!" He is fact talking about his KTM 690. In the fesh-fesh (quick dry sand) as in the dunes, he is not the only one to have fallen off. No such misfortune for Cyril Despres: "It's at times like these that I know why I love the rally-raid."

The special took place around the township of M'Hamid where the road ends and the Sahara begins, just one loop for the bikes and quads, two for the cars and trucks. A generous helping of true desert fun for all 170 participants. Fesh-fesh, sand ... "We literally surfed the dunes" claimed Jean-Marie Davoy and Marc Jourdan who ranked their Buggy MD No. 315 into a magnificent third place. It wasn´t plain surfing for all. Many remained "stuck" and digging out became a pastime. Sand ladders and shovels were out and long live solidarity between competitors. Forget the sweat and tears though "Great landscapes" said competitors. Jean-Marie Davoy remembers that he pushed his buggy to 174 km / h on this beautiful "whitish area", flat as my hand." He said. Many others will not forget how easy it is to get lost ....navigation skills do come in handy in these vast expanses.

Cyril Despres (KTM 690 Rally) did very well, winner of today´s special (that´s twice in a row), in front of Jordi Viladoms (No. 6), Marc Coma (No. 4) and Pal Anders Ullevalseter (No. 3), he is now the category leader. Upsetting the Spaniard Jordi Viladoms (KTM 690), the winner of the first stage into second place (1'02), Marc Coma (KTM 690), third at 5´17 and Ullevalseter, 4th at 12'36. Olivier Pain, Fifth on his Yamaha WRF 450 occupies the same position overall. Bruno Da Costa (No. 102), on Honda, (ninth place) remains Olivier Pain´s most serious contender, confirming his promising potential.

In the Quadbykes: Lionel Laine (No. 200), deprived of victory on Monday because of penalties (for speeding during the liaison!), wins in front of Vincent Albira (No. 204) and Camellia Liparoti (No. 201). Same order in the overall. The fourth position going to the regular Russian Vladimir Marugov (No. 203). For Lionel Laine, the prospect of becoming world champion is becoming a reality day by day.

Enduro Cup, Antoine Didier (Fra, No. 273), Lambert Wery (Bel, No. 241) and Xavier Moreau (Fra, No. 274) finished the stage in that order. Overall, the Russian Dimitri Pavlov (No. 230), fourth today, remains a strong leader with 28'27 ahead of Didier Wery (30'01).

In the car class, Stephane Peterhansel on BMW X-Raid (No. 300) is going for gold. Three stage wins in three races, no worries there. Today, he left the other BMW duo of Leonid Novitsky and Andreas Schulz (No. 302), over 47 minutes behind. The "King" Peter was happy to complement his navigator: Jean-Paul Cottret. "He always amazes me! We did not know exactly where we were in the dunes, I saw him open the map, set the GPS and it was decided: the track is on the right! ,
go!" Hat´s off!

Satisfaction, also for the Jean-Marie Davoy /Mark Jourdan team (No. 315), who rank third in the stage, as in the overall. "A perfect day for us. We acted calmly, everything was well managed: the tire pressure in the sand, navigation, just perfect". Patrice Chevalier and Dominique Laure, 4th on Springbok-MD (No. 319) and Joost Vancauwemberg-Steven Vyncke (Nissan No. 305), 5th, have also done well in this very demanding stage that Tomas Tomecek on his truck MAN (No. 401), finishes in sixth position. It's also the position he holds this evening in the general classification, whilst many teams did not make it to the second loop.

Between the two "untouchable" BMW´s and Tomas Tomecek Jean-Marie Davoy and Marc Jourdan (3rd), Francois Lethier and Jean-Marie Lurquin (4th)on their Schlesser Buggy, Jean-Noel Julien and Christophe Crespo (5th on Proto Renault Megane), we are promised a good show for a place on the podium Friday.

2009/10/28 | 18:36 CET | Editor: MR/HS/NPO

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