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Shamrock Rally: Victory for Peterhansel and Coma.

A great competition and some great winners! Marc Coma (KTM 690 Rally) ranks first in the overall classification and Stephane Peterhansel/Jean-Paul Cottret (BMW X-Raid) winners in the car category. The Moroccan-Shamrock Rally could not have expected a Better "Award of Excellence" for its 2009 edition, which ended in such a dramatic way. Indeed Cyril Despres won the race on the ground but was given a fixed penalty for speeding on the liaison road section. This sanction deprives Cyril Despres of victory in the Shamrock 2009 but does not deprive him of his third World Cup +450 cc FIM win, guaranteed since taking command in the second leg of the competition.Rules are rules and that moment of inattention cost him dearly. The champion later said: "I was following Jordi Viladoms in the dust; I did not realize how fast I was going as I entered the controlled speed zone."

Marc Coma, Winner of three of the six stages (in the last one) he gained less than 2 minutes over Despres) was 7 minutes behind this morning and was definitely not hoping for such a situation. Promised to a second place, the champion inherits first position! He said he was "sorry for Cyril" before expressing his happiness to be back in the competition with a victory. Hinting that he had not raced since his serious accident (eight fractures) back in June, in Sardinia.

At the end of the sixth stage of the Shamrock, a the week in the most beautiful landscapes and the most varied terrain of southern Morocco, Marc Coma and Stephane Peterhansel were not the only ones entitled to the " Sunlight” reserved for the winners. Lionel Laine, first of the quad cat. wins the 2009 World Cup; he is also entitled to the most sincere congratulations. Same for the Czech team Tomas Tomacek and Moravek Vojtech, handsome victors in their Tatra truck, they rank ninth in the auto-truck scratch.

The event was nevertheless dominated by the Peterhansel/Cottret team, winning five of the six stages; this leaves the other BMW X-Raid team: Leonid Novitsky/Andreas Schulz (winners today) in second place at 2 h 24'25. In hoisting their proto-Renault Megane on the third step of the podium Jean-Noël Julien and Christophe Crespo are one of the happiest teams tonight. Ranked fourth, Jean-Marie Davoy and Marc Jourdan (Buggy MD) had glimpsed the possibility of being on the podium. Etienne Smulevici and Jean-Marc Martinez (5th), Patrice Chevallier and Dominique Laure (6th) Francis Lethier and Jean-Marc Lurquin (7th) and Peter Lachaume/Jean Brucy (8th) rubbing shoulders with the guys from the Czech Republic who also won the T4 category. Gerard Luc Sicre / Laurent Flament, in their Toyota (T2 category), are13th overall after winning today’s stage. Finally, Yvan Pierre Dard and Christel Paro in their pink Toyota (flying the colours of Toulouse) in twelfth place. In the SSV cat., victory goes to Antoine Vandromme and Corine Dubois (29th scratch time).

2009/10/31 01:55 CET | Szerző: MR/NPO/Kónya Rita

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