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Shamrock Rally: X-Raid Russia to start at French Morocco Rally.

After an unpleasant accident which took place during the next-to-last stage of "OiLibya Rally" on May 5, in Tunisia, BMW X-Raid Russia team started at full pelt it’s preparation to the most important rally of the year - the "Dakar 2010". Currently the crew feels well, at the beginning of September Leonid Novitskiy and Oleg Tyupenkin are going to attend their last medical examination. Unfortunately X-Raid Russia team won’t be able to take part in the international Silk Way Rally 2009, which will start on September 5, in Kazan (Repulic of Tatarstan, Russia). This Event could have been a very good test for the equipment and a perfect training for the crew for the Dakar 2010.

Nevertheless, in order not to loose sport shape, the crew is going to take part in tests, which were organized by X-Raid Team on September 21, 2009 in Morocco. Apart from the Russian crew in tests will also take part such famous racers as Nani Roma and Stephane Peterhansel. Besides a standard training program in tests there will be also included adjustment of a new version of engine control module and an adjustment of suspension.

After the test X-Raid Russia Team is planning to take part in Rally du Maroc - Shamrock 2009. The 2009 edition of the Rally of Morocco, will gather professionals and amateurs drivers in the south of Zagora from the 24 to 30 October 2009. Participants will be able to overcome 6 loop-shaped stages through dunes. At the same time between the September trainings and Shamrock Rally there will be probably organized an additional test for the Russian crew. But this question has not been decided yet.

Last year from November 29th to December 5th BMW X-Raid team members underwent athletic training in Loxymed medical center, in Berlin. Loxymed medical center experts have elaborated special program for the Dakar participants, which included preparation for medium and high-altitude mountains. Most important training targets were: to increase organism performance and working capacity, to accelerate organism adaptation during the race’s difficult conditions.

Also Loxymed’s experts held theoretic course: sportsmen were explained how to eat during the race, which physical exercises should be done before and during the Event in order to feel well. Professional advice significantly helped during the Dakar 2009, that is why that year BMW X-Raid team is planning to visit again Loximed medical center, in order to be prepared for the Dakar-2010 not only technically, but also physically and psychologically.

2009/08/25 | 11:07 CET | Editor: MR/X. Dvoynikova/G. Smycalova/RRL Girls

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