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Silk Way Rally: Personal Review from Teamchef André Dessoude.

From September 5th to 13th, Team Dessoude took part in the Silk Way Rally. Team-Director André Dessoude gives an update after this magnificent event, crossing Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Between Kazan and Ashgabad, the crews from Team Saint-Lois were able to shine as well as enjoying the fine sights.

"We had a good rally. The route was high-quality and very varied. Moreover, the general organisation, and more particularly the bivouacs, was superb" said the French. "The organisers had everything in place to welcome us in the best possible conditions.

As far as our crews, Christian Lavieille drove really well and was just behind the four official VW cars. Unfortunately, a broken gearbox prevented him from claiming a possible fourth place at the finish. With a heavy penalty, it became impossible to fight for the overall classification. I am, however, very satisfied with this race, as the Pickup 03 worked really well. It proves that with a good driver, this car can still achieve good results and remains very competitive.

Suffering early on with electrical problems, the French Frédéric Chavigny did not give up, and had a very good rally. He did not hide his pleasure at being able to reach the finish line. His second rally (after the Dakar 2009) and his second finish! As far as the teams from Turkmenistan, it was the lack of experience from the drivers which prevented us from getting all three cars to the end. Unfortunately, we had the first retirement on the second day, after a heavy impact.

The Patrol’s engine had moved, and the car had suffered too much to be able to continue. Two days later, the same thing happened again. Luckily, the third crew remained cautious and managed to get their vehicle to the end, to the great delight of the officials from Turkmenistan, who were behind the project.

Turkmenistan is a very rich country, and the President of the Republic is a great motorsport fan. It is almost the ‘Dubai’ of the region, with a very modern and luxurious capital city. The country was a real surprise to me! As far as the rally raid team they have set up, it is possible to envisage a follow-up to this first experience. The next race is the Dakar, where we should enter five cars."

During the coming weeks, Team Dessoude will keep you informed on their preparations for the 2010 Argentina-Chili Dakar.

2009/09/28 | 17:24 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Lydie Arpizou

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