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TORC 2009: Team Wandahsega Prepares for the 09' TORC Season.

With many questions over the winter and early on in the season about the future of short course racing, it's been a long winter. The US-based Team Wandahsega is now ready for a new chapter, Pro 2wd. The new truck is getting closer to completion for the June Crandon race, where the team will make their 2009 debut. The Wegner Automotive Research 18 degree engine was put in last week along with the Automatic Transmisson Design Turbo 400.

Dan Timm from Wegner is very happy with the end result of the new motor combination, "I've been really working hard to get the torque number's where I want them, this motor should really do well against the competition." Charles McCormick from ATD was quoted as saying, "I'll get you whatever you need this season, just let me know."

Having both these guys working on Team Wandahsega's side will give the team extra confidence as both of them are on top of their game. The engine and drivetrain is so crucial in off-road racing. You have to have good equipment under the hood and have to get it to the ground. Both these gentlemen have proven in the past that they can get the job done.

Mike VanDenHuevel just completed the header installation last week, he did a great job. This now allows Crew Chief Mark Wirhanowicz to finish the wiring and oil lines along with the final installs of the last few remaining parts. Ben and the team plan to do some testing before their 2009 debut at Candon in June.

Team Wandahsega will be competing primarily in Pro 2wd this season, along with a couple weekends in the Limited 2wd division at Oshkosh and the World Championship weekend in Crandon, WI Labor Day weekend.

2009 will include the following events:

Crandon, WI June 20 & 21
Bark River, MI July 11 & 12
Oshkosh, WI July 24 &25
Bark River, MI August 8 & 9
Crandon, WI September 4, 5, & 6
Pala, CA September 26 & 27
Las Vegas, NV October 30 & 31

The truck will be flying its familiar red colors with many of the same partners. Forest County Potawatomi will once again be the primary sponsor, now for the 7th year. One new change that the team is very excited about is to be re-united with Travis Roffler, Senior Marketing Director now with General Tire. They are just getting back into short course racing and we are looking very forward to working with Travis and his staff to get as much exposure for them as possible this year.

2009/05/28 | 15:24 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Wandahsega

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