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TORC 2009: Wandahsega Earns First Career Pro-2 Podium.

Team Wandahsega rolled into it's home track early with high expectations for the weekend. Friday's practice went well as the new truck really worked good on all the new changes the Bark River Lions Club made to the track. They added more jumps and banked corners as well as making the table top jumps bigger.

Saturday morning practice/qualifying went good too, Ben timed in 9th out of 15 trucks putting Team Wandahsega in the 5th row inside. At the start of the race the Ben was able to get a really good start as he came out in 5th place after the first few corners and was able to hold that position with out any challange.

The dust was really bad and very hard to see at times. At the competition yellow the Wandahsega General Tire truck was sitting in 4th place. When the green flag dropped at the re-start Wandahsega started to get a run on the outside of the 3rd place truck then made the pass when he went too far to the left and collected the big Oakley banner ending his day.

Coming out of turn one Ben was in 3rd and was able to keep up with Dan Vandenhueval and Rob McCacrin for the next lap until the dust began coming in his helmet making it hard to see with his contact lenses full of grit. Even as Wandahsega slowed a bit he was still able to hold off some of the classes best competitors like Evan Evans, Todd Leduc, Scott Taylor, and Ross Hoek. In the end, he finished 3rd, in only the team's 3rd race Hey Dave in the new Pro 2. Crew Chief Mark Wirhanowicz and the rest of the crew were very happy with the progress.

For Sunday's race the team had very high hopes once again with the momentum from Saturday's great finish. At the start there was a jamb up of trucks as Ben only was able to get out 10th or 11th this time. The track really went away for the truck's set up, combined with dust once again; Ben was only able to move up a couple positions at the competition yellow. The re-start didn't go so well either as Mike Oberg spun out causing a chain re-action wreck in which Ben got caught up in and came out of it with a flat right front tire ending his day with credit for 12th position.

At the end of the weekend Team Wandahsega was very happy and Proud to get on the podium for all of our sponsors. We really put our ATD transmission and NEO Synthetic ATF to the test this weekend , as we are still having cooling issues , and ran it up to 300 degrees on Saturday but it never missed a shift. Crew Chief Mark Wirhanowicz said, "We'll take what we learned back to the shop and make some improvements for the next Bark River race coming up in August."

2009/07/29 | 17:53 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Mark Miller

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