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Transiberico: Nissan Aventure 9th in the overall classification.

The third leg of the Rally Transiberico was full of drama. Sunday´s two special stages, which took place in Spain, saw plenty of technical problems and incidents. A leg which proved to be hard on men and machines. For Team Nissan Aventure, it was the opportunity to strengthen its lead in T2, building up a gap of ten minutes over their nearest rivals. At the same time, Christian Lavieille and Arnaud Debron have brought their Nissan Pathfinder up to 9th place in the overall classification.

This third leg, between Evora and Caceres, in Spain, thinned the ranks of this second edition of the Rally Transiberico. In the front of the field, the event should now be decided between Nani Roma and Giniel de Villiers. In the T2 category, Team Nissan Aventure grasped the opportunity to pull away from its nearest rivals. Setting the fastest category time in Sunday´s special stages, Christian Lavieille and Arnaud Debron now have a lead of nearly ten minutes over Francesc Termens and 20 minutes over Rui Sousa. This fine race management has allowed them to finish today in 9th position overall.

Christian Lavieille was feeling increasingly better as today progressed: "Today´s special stage, that we went over twice, was quite difficult from those in Portugal. There were long fast sections, and a bit less pure driving. The main danger in a stage like those we saw today is that you do not always spot the traps. We were going through fields with long grass, and it is quite difficult to see the track. A ditch or a bit hole can be totally hidden by the grass. The second time round, the tracks from the competitors showed the route, and it was easier to get your bearings and to increase the pace. I was very careful, as the terrain was quite abrasive, and I wanted to avoid punctures. This afternoon, the second time through, it took me a while to get up to speed, but at the end I increased the pace. I wanted to build up a bigger gap over the other T2 cars. This gives us a bit of breathing space in case we get any punctures tomorrow. The race is not over yet!"

Arnaud Debron did not get bored during Sunday´s two passages through the 155 km stage. "I was really concentrating on the notes, to give Christian information on all the traps at the right pace. No time to look at the scenery. This afternoon, we had some fun in the cockpit. As the buggy that was in front of us retired, we found ourselves behind Matthias Kahle?s Volkswagen. I told Christian that it would be fun to overtake him? but actually, we never caught up with him. The atmosphere in the Pathfinder is relaxed, but studious".

André Dessoude was fully satisfied with his crew. "Christian drives with his head. He has excellent race intelligence, and always understands what is expected from him. With Arnaud, they form the ideal duo. Moreover, they got on really well, in and out of the car. That is vitally important, and perhaps even more so in T2, where you need a certain type of team spirit. I am really happy to have them on board".

2006/05/15 I 12:15 CET I Editor:

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