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Transiberico Rali: Sousa, Campos accident, Barbosa destroying BMW.

After the morning retirements of Filipe Campos and Carlos Sousa, both for accidents damaging the suspension and loosing one wheel, Miguel Barbosa (X-Raid BMW X3CC) went off in the afternoon, almost destroying his BMW, leaving French Guerlain Chicherit (X-Raid BMW X3CC) with the Rali Vodafone Transibérico’s win much more easy when still 319,44 km of stages are left.

Portuguese Hélder Oliveira (Nissan Pathfinder) took all the advantage from these retirements and put himself in second place, after leaving Merida this morning sixth overall.

Bernardo Moniz da Maia (X-Raid BMW X3CC) completes the podium, after one day where he didn’t push so hard, suffering some physical problems due to the terrible hot conditions, and has only 8m 54s over Edgar Condesso (Nissan Navara), one fight that can be interesting to watch in the last competitive day.

Another important retirement was Nani Roma I X-Raid BMW X3CC I as the Spanish was not feeling well and after leaving the road, he decided not to continue to avoid bigger problems and in order to have the car in perfect conditions for the last day. Pedro Silva Nunes (Mitsubishi Pajero), 7th overall, kept the Group T2 lead, the same happening with José Camilo Martins (Nissan Navara) in Group T8.

SS 6 Classification (212,84 km)

01) Guerlain Chicherit I X-Raid BMW X3CC I 2.28.48
02) Nicolas Misslin I Mitsubishi Pajero MPR13 I at 5.17m
03) Alexander Mironenko I Nissan Navara I at 13.36m
04) Hélder Oliveira I Nissan Pathfinder I at 15.05m
05) Lino Carapeta I Bowler QT Wildcat I at 19.51m
06) Rodolpphe Deveaux I Mitsubishi Pajero MPR13 I at 20.51m
07) Thomasse Pascal I MD Schlesser Buggy I at 21.13m
08) Edgar Condenso I Nissan Navara I at 21.21m
09) Bernardo Moniz da Maia I X-Raid BMW X3CC I at 21.39m
10) Nuno Matos I Isuzu D-Max I at 24.45m.

Overall classification after SS6

01) Guerlain Chicherit/Tina Thorner I X-Raid BMW X3CC I 11.23.09
02) Hélder Oliveira/Filipe Palmeiro I Nissan Pathfinder I at 1.04.55
03) Bernardo M. da Maia/Joana Sottomayor I X-Raid BMW X3CC I at 1.23.14
04) Edgar Condesso/Nuno Silva I Nissan Navara I at 1.32.08
05) Rodolphe Deveaux/Luís Ramalho I Mitsubishi Pajero MPR13 I at 1.40.34
06) Fernando André/Luís Gomes I Renault Megane Proto I at 1.43.50
07) Pedro Silva Nunes/Paulo Torres (Mitsubishi Pajero), at 2.07.51
08) Lino Carapeta/Rui António I Bowler QT Wildcat I at 2.09.34
09) José Dinis Lucas/Luís Tirano I Mitsubishi Pajero DiD I at 2.10.20
10) Yahya Al Helei/Khalid Al Kendi I Nissan Patrol I at 2.30.45.

2009/06/23 | 11:30 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Transiberico

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