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Transiberico: Second round for Team Nissan Aventure

The third round of the 2006 World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, the "Rali Transiberico" will take place in Europe. The route is entirely drawn up within the Iberian peninsula, using winding, rough tracks in Portugal and Spain. The start and finish will both take place in Estoril, thirty kilometres from Lisbon. This will be the second event of the year for Team Nissan Aventure, continuing with its aim to conquer the T2 world title.

Last month, during the Rally of Tunisia, the Team Nissan Aventure crew of Christian Lavieille and Arnaud Debron ran a perfect race, dominating the T2 category and finishing seventh in the overall classification. Unfortunately, the Nissan Pathfinder was excluded shortly after the finish line, due to the non-conformity of the intake system.

Despite their immense disappointment, Team Nissan Aventure has not lost sight of their objective, namely to win the Production title. More motivated than ever, Christian Lavieille and Arnaud Debron, will therefore take the start of the "Rali Transiberico".

According to Christian Lavieille, this event is extremely important in order to score points towards the World Cup classification : "At the start of the Rally of Tunisia, we learnt that the Rally of the
Orient had been cancelled. That race was an integral part of our 2006 programme, and we had to find another event to replace it. Quite logically, we chose the "Rali Transiberico". The entry list in T2 is very long, but it should be noted that many of the competitors take part in the Spanish Nissan
Challenge. They are driving Pick-up vehicles, which are a lot slower than the Pathfinder. My first objective will be to put in a good prologue, so that I don?t start too far back in the first timed stage.

This sort of event, which looks very much like a "Super Baja" is very different from the so-called "Classic" rally raids. The tracks are very narrow, making overtaking very tricky. We will try to start off at a good pace, but with over 1200 km of special stages to cover, anything could happen. I am very serene, and determined to score points. We will do our utmost to manage our race in accordance with our daily results. Arnaud feels the same way, and our unfortunate misadventure in Tunisia means that we are even more motivated. We are confident?" The morale in Team Nissan Aventure crew is high, as is that of Team Dessoude, and all are determined to forget the events in Tunisia.

2006/05/14 I 21:50 CET I Editor:

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