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Rali Transiberico 2007 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Rali Transiberico 2007, 1st round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Transiberico: What thay said after the second leg.

Luc Alphand (Misubishi): (Part 1) "It was a great special. I was very fast, but at 40 km from the end, on a right corner we toutch a stone, and loose the power steering as well as 4 minutes. In the afternoon I will try to do better." (Part 2) "Our power steering problems are now solved. The "battle with Carlos Sousa, was very funny."

Paulo Nobre (X-Raid BMW): (Part 1) "It's very technical, It requires a good physical performance and I do not have it. In the Dakar we drive 600 km per day, but we have 100 km straight on where we can recover. Here is corner after corner. We will try to save the car to arrive to the finish trying not to do the same as in Tunisia." (Part 2) " I am "dead". I do not want to think in tomorrow."

Carlos Sousa (Volkswagen): (Part 1) "It was OK. I must overtake so many cars at Km 80, and we loose almost 3 minutes. The rally is done in a very hard rithm, and I believe that I can win some minutes in the afternoon, because we will not find so many dust." (Part 2) "It was difficult in the last 40 Km. I am not feeling so well but I will try to recover for tomorrow."

Carlos Sainz (Volkswagen): (Part 1) "It was very difficult to be the 1st in the road, specially on the narrow roads. In the beginning the brakes didn’t work, and the car was not with a good handle.I lost some time. Maybe in the 2nd stage will be more easy." (Part 2) "It was a long and hard day. The track is very narrow, and feel very tired."

Joan "Nani" Roma (Mitsubishi): (Part 1) "It was very difficult, very technical, but with Carlos Sainz opening the road it was not so bad. We had some gearbox problems in the end of the stage, so we loose the leading position. We will try to be faster this afternoon." (Part 2) "The gearbox were solved. We were fast but Carlos was even faster!"

Boris Gadasin (Nissan Dessoude Proto) "The track is very interesting, but we broke a brake disc, and the car stayed not so good. I was better not to take risks."

Francesco Termens (Mitsubishi Pajero): "It was very hard because we had a broken rear transmission after 100 Km. It is good to arrive leading the T2 category, and we will put all new spares for tomorrow."

Nuno Inocêncio (Mitsubishi Pajero): "We have had less dust after lunch, but we loose much time in the beginning of the stage in the first Kms. Tomorrow we will continue to fight, to achieve all the possible points to the national championship."

João Ramos (Toyota RAV4): "I feel better now, and so I liked it very much. In the morning it was very difficult, and I really do not remember were I was."

Filipe Campos (Nissan Dessoude Proto): "We had a puncture in the beginning and lost much time. The track is harder than in the morning."

Helder Oliveira (Toyota Landcruiser): "It was better now. Doing a bad chrono in the super-special didn’t help us. I want to thank António Mendes, who let us overtake without loosing any time."

2007/06/01 | 20:44 CET | Editor: MR/HS/VW Press

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