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Transorientale: Daily Report Stage 2 Rogatchevo - Petrovsky.

The tonight bivouac chosen by René Metge was a kind of magic. Located at the edge of Volga Rivera, the 2008 Transorientale looked like a magnificent show. Unfortunately, the weather conditions made a 180° change. From sunny blue sky to heavy stormy conditions, lightings and mud made the charming place changing into a disaster and forced the RMC to deflate the huge air tent before giving the big balloon another chance to serve more than 400 meals at night. one more time nothing, absolutely nothing can modify René's mind.

So the weather conditions were a real key problems. for the special stage, all bikers did their job perfectly. But with cars and trucks, they were only seven of them to cross the finish line. The third truck started his stage but hit a bridge. Marshals decided to give a restart after the second Check Point.

Norwegian biker Pal Anders Ullevalsetter missed the cut for 5 seconds and offered Jaroslav Katrinak a important win. The Slovak is leader for the scratch. Russian Alexsey Klomytsyn.finished third. For the Marathon category, Czech finished 5th and 6th for the final scratch. best French is Willy Jobard (7th)

Yesterday lucky looser Eric Vigouroux (rear wheel axle) had more chance today with the best time of the day. Thanks to official agreement. Matthias Kahle (Buggy Fast&Speed) and José-Luis Monterde (Buggy Schlesser) gained the second and third place . Letonian Maris Saukans (Buggy Oscar) finished 5th ahead of French François Delecour (Buggy SMG). Also keep in mind Chinese performance with Xu Lang 10th best ranking ahead of Qingxian Hua.

Russian Kamaz trucks played at home (the main Kamaz factory are located in Nijni-Novgorod not far from SS2. Vladimir Chagin finished first ahead of Hans Stacey and Firdaus Kabirov. Dutch Gerard De Rooy's truck suffered a cooling trouble during the stage. Had to stop for a while before crossing the finish line very late. Stacey is a strong contender for the chequered flag.

Late in the evening and because of very bad weather conditions, René Metge took the option to cancel the tomorrow special stage. All competitors will reach Yelabouga without any stress

2008/06/16 | 11:40 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Transorientale

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