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Transorientale: Epsilon, Francois Delecur and Stéphane Pinard.

Speaking with Spaniard is always pleasant time and laughs. Emilio Bosser, Coordinador Área Deportiva of the spanish "Epsilon Team" explains: "I’m sorry but I only will look after logistic and technical aid. Here in Spain, Rally Raids are very important and generate always huge impact. So we had to be at the first 2008 Transorientale. When we heard the Transorientale will go on, we did not hesitate for a while. It’s the place where to be. And also because René Metge always prepares great moment of race and discovery."

At the benefit of an important record, Spanish Epsilon Team has been for more than 12 years "in the business" with Dakar, Pharaons and Tunisia entries. Always with trucks. For the 2008 Transorientale, the Spanish team will be the most important representative of their country, at Saint-Petersburg. The two drivers are David Oliveras and Pep Vila.

The Former winner of WRC "Rally Monte Carlo" Francois Delecur confirmed also his entry with a French V8-Buggy of the "Team SMG" of Philippe Gache. "For me, it’s going to be unique. Who could have tell that once I’ll run a Marathonrally?" Any reason to drive a Buggy?
"I was no more interested with a four wheel drive. I wanted to enjoy and get new feeling. Rally-raid is also a logical step in my career." Delecour will be associated with much experimented French Jean-Pierre Garcin.

Stéphane Pinard is devoted to the great world of rallies raid. "Turning round has never been my cup of tea". He started racing in Morocco before entering "Dakar" in 2005 (retired). Next year, he is French Endurance Champion in 2006 and full of experience. He decided to build it own proto (base Suzuki) and above all to compete in a green world. His Suzuki runs bio-ethanol.

But for the 2008 Transorientale, he will use unleaded fuel only "We’ve found out we could find easily bio-ethanol everywhere. So we turn back to Unleaded. My idea is quite simple. I want to compete in a clean world. Running in bio-ethanol to prevent CO2 emissions is my aim."

Stéphane started his career as CP controller and also working for René Metge’s organization. It was in the year 2000, a long time ago. In 2008, his entered the Transorientale to validate his proto and consumption. His Suzuki is painted with a tree, sunflower, beet, corn and cane sugar.

2008/06/07 | 18:22 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Transorientale

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