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Transorientale: First stage at the Trucks - Stacey Runner-Up.

The first edition of the Trans Orientale Rally roared off on Thursday. Yesterday morning, at about 8 a.m. - a bit later than planned - Hans Stacey’s team was the first among the racing trucks to be given the green light in St Petersburg.

The distances are a challenge in themselves: on this first day, a total distance of 834 km had to be covered, including a 71 km test stretch. During the daily tests (or trials), the trucks are timed. Yesterday, this resulted in a second place for the MAN Rally Team. Stacey and his team mates (Gotlib and Der Kinderen) finished hot on the heels of fellow-Dutchman De Rooy. Kabirov (Kamaz) clocked in mere seconds after Stacey and therefore came third. Logically, a second place for Stacey on this first day means at the same time a neat second place in the leading overall standings. In other words: not a bad start for "MAN With a Mission". Today’s other results:

01) De Rooy/Colsoul/Rodewald (NL) I Ginaf/Iveco I 00:51:18
02) Stacey/Gotlib/Der Kinderen (NL) I MAN TGS I 00:52:48
03) Kabirov/Balyaev/Mokeev (RUS) I Kamaz I 00:52:54
04) Chagin/Nikolaev/Savostin (RUS) I Kamaz I 00:54:15
05) Duister/Huisman/Geusens (NL) I Ginaf I 00:56:34
06) Bekx/Van/Maessen (NL) I DAF I 00:57:09
07) Echter/Ruf/Klein (D) I MAN TGA I 00:59:33
08) Vila/Torralardo/Torres (ES) I Mercedes SK I 00:59:59
09) Mardeev/Mizyukaev/Karginov (RUS) I Kamaz I 01:00:43
10) Jaquot/Didienne/Alcaraz (F) I MAN TGA I 01:04:37

All competitors ended the day in Rogachevo, which will be the scene of their departure again early tomorrow morning for the second stage. Of the 736 km to be completed in total tomorrow, 93 km will be a trial. The team will get a taste of the pure Russian scenery, scattered with conifers and birches. The trial will be held on a military terrain close to Mijni.

New rally, new website. Especially to keep all fans and other interested people even better informed, we offer a completely renovated and upgraded website for the ‘MAN With a Mission 2’ MAN Rally Team. The latest photos and bits of news about the team can be found on [ ] and [ ].

2008/06/13 | 12:48 CET | Editor: MR/HS/MAN

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