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Transorientale: Heading for the first St. Petersburg-Bejing Rally.

With more than 10.000 kilometers to cover in just 17 days and a route which crosses Russia, Kazakhstan and China, the year 2008 sees the arrival of a truly exceptional rally. From June 12th to 28th 2008, the first ever Transorientale will link Saint Petersburg to Beijing, via Astana. This new rally raid is open to cars, motorcycles, trucks and quads. Due to take place during the summer period, it will welcome professionals as well as amateurs looking for new adventures and horizons.

The rally will set off from the heart of Russia's czars' capital, Saint Petersburg, on June 12th this year. The route includes three of the vastest countries in the world and ends at the foot of China's Great Wall, near Beijing. The Transorientale establishes itself as one of the most challenging epics of the rally raids season, with five special stages in Russia, four in Kazakhstan and seven in China.

Two years - this is the time it has taken to progress from a simple idea to realising the dream and laying out the 10.000 kilometers of race that crosses forests, endless steppes, deserts, mountains and huge sand dunes.

The organisation of this event, that covers such a magical and undiscovered route from west to east, fulfils both professionals' and amateurs' expectations. To this day, more than 300 competitors (25 nationalities) have confirmed their entries. In the automobile category, more than 100 cars have entered. The bike and quads category adds a further 120 machines. The KTM brand will be well-represented; Yamaha and Honda also hope to play their part. As regards the trucks, the competition promises to be exceptional - all the main teams have already confirmed their commitment.

He is the heart and soul of the Transorientale. For more than 30 years, René Metge has crossed the world, Asia in particular, in search of new horizons. This legendary rally raid actor is the undisputed Transorientale expert. After months of expeditions and races, in addition to experience gained in 1992 and 1995 through the organisation of two Paris - Beijing, René Metge has been able to draw up a path of adventures that span both majestic and hostile environments, crossing the large plains and the delicate relief of oriental Europe and Asia. The route will allow participants to discover people, cultures and lifestyles they have never previously encountered.

A rally raid of this scale would not have been possible without the support and authorisation of proper authorities. Following his return from Kazakhstan, where an official agreement was signed at the end of January, René Metge announced that "the cooperation from the national and local authorities and the automobile and motorcycle federations of the three countries that will be crossed has been outstanding. Without such unconditional support from these institutions, the Transorientale would not have been born".

The Transorientale: Calendar of Events
- 31st March: End of Entry Registrations
- May: Official Itinerary Presentation
- 10th & 11th June, Saint Petersburg: Technical and Administrative Analysis
- 12th June, Saint Petersburg: Official Start
- 28th June, Beijing: Race Arrival

2008/02/20 | 11:31 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Trans Orientale

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