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Transorientale: Monterde in front of Kahle in Russia.

The competitors of 2008 Transorientale went back to business after disappointment and the SS’s cancellation of the day before. Direction Menzelinsk, not far from our yesterday’s bivouac of an evening, for the start of the 4th selective sector. The competitors will have to race 125 kilometres. The land is feasible and stuffed water, the sun is on the part even if it exists again traps of which René Metge has the secret.

The winner of the day is the Slovak Jaroslav Katrinak in front of Ullevalseter and Borsi. For the Italian, the third place of the podium is a relief for he thought to have lost a lot of times in a difficult passage. Even if Borsi finishes at more than eleven minutes of the conqueror of the day. On the other hand, the day loser is Norwegian Ullvalseter who recognized its errors to his arrival to bivouac: "I had an inattention moment that costs to me very dear today. From now on, it is in the skin of the hunter, condemned to win. All the competitors went therefore to race a shortened SS with all the imponderable ones of the race (delay etc.).

Gerard De Rooy realized the best performance of the day: he scores the best absolute time in front of the cars.

In category car, Latvian Maris Saukans wins his first victory ahead of François Delecour and Spaniard José-Luis Monterde. The French driver gets more and more fun to pilot this kind of car one and he proves once more time. The first step of the podium gets closer and closer for the former Vice Champion of World Rally. Monterde preserves his first row to scratch classification in front of Kahle and Delecour.

Turkish Kemal Merkit poorly started up his rally.It spent many hours in the different customs offices between his country and Saint Petersburg. With perseverance and with a lot of merit, the Turk proves one more time, his talent. Today, he finishes at the 4th row.

Next, comes time for cars and trucks. Stacey and Chagins thrust themselves to their turn. The two pilots cross the finish line when an intruder slips himself in the Special Stage. To the Km 14, a car competitor meets five completely gotten stuck bikers in the mud, stops and also gets stuck. It was peak hours on the 2008 Transorientale: interruption of the race and discusses endlessly for the spectacle continuation. Two alternatives offer to the marshals. One is to get the two first competitors back to the start line and set off again for a new SS or all simply, the remaining competitors go to the CP2 where a new departure is given. Arrived to the CP2 situated to Km 14, the Kamaz and the MAN drivers refused done u-turn.

Now, the big steppes of the Kazakhstan will open for the competitors of the Transorientale 2008. And note the excellent performance and consistency of Gibon-Gibon at the wheel of a Bowler.

2008/06/16 | 11:40 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Transorientale

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