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Transorientale: Third stage of the Russia-China Rally cancelled.

Yesterday in afternoon end, while bivouac took its brands, a mini storm perturbed the rhythm of the participants of the Transorientale 2008. The hail, the lightings, the wind gusts, all the ingredients were met to distress strongly the life of the Transorientale. And when it is a matter to erect his tent; one of the one that opens itself in two minutes, the position becomes comical especially when you have the feet in water.

Early in the morning, the storm of the day before left places to a magnificent blue sky. Nevertheless bivouac resembles an immense marsh. The participants and the whole caravan of the Transorientale live then strong since good moments number of vehicles are incapable to roll and will have gone out of this quagmire with the assistance of the habitants come with tractors. Even the huge trucks of logistical ones are taken to the trap. Again, solidarity worked and the caravan formed to rejoin the city of Yelabuga, in Tatar Republic. What a contrast between the bivouac of the day before and the fantastic welcome of the population of this city.

The city of Yelabuga is situated on the edges of the river Kama, a tributary of the Volga, crossed this morning at the time of the liaison. The bivouac of this night found shelter on a promontory that overhangs the Tatar city. A crowd filled with wonder by the cars of the competitors. Here, the inhabitants are delighted of an unusual spectacle. Imagine the inhabitants to the look of the huge Kamaz trucks, national pride. But the bikers received the most beautiful welcome or the Car of John Louis Schlesser, in Rally Regularity.

We had left Marc Victor to its apprehensions before Rally raid marathon. The winner of foundation Lagardère needed to put itself in conditions and in shape. While arriving to bivouac, last night, the privileged co-pilot of Jean-Louis Schlesser, displayed an expression that some said long on his first entry to a Rally Raid marathon: "I must confess that sometimes I had some fears. And then, the excellent driver sitting next to me, allowed me to discover the state-of-the-art. And from that time, my fears metamorphosed themselves in appeasement. Of course, it’s necessary to adapt yourself and for that, I have completely confidence in the fine and precise driving of the former Endurance World Champion. For me, this is really an unforgettable experience".

Tell us about the skills and the driving of Jean-Louis? "Sometimes, I had to pinch myself then little by little, confidence installed itself. Jean- Louis is fantastic for it does not take any inconsiderate risks. He is a real gentleman driver. This is not the right place to risk other’s life. Jean-Louis got the message very clear. It’s magic to see it mastery the Porsche with delicacy, without to blow. Anyway, this is an fascinating adventure."

2008/06/16 | 11:40 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Transorientale

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