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Transsilvania Trophy: Hardcore Trophy starts on July 1st

For those who enjoy extreme sport, from July 1st till July 8th 2006 the 4x4 Club Off-Road Adventure Romania is organizing a spectacular competition in the homeland of Dracula. The Transilvania Adventure Trophy will be carefully organized competition running for one week during which the combined skills of off-road driving, endurance, map reading and adventurous spirit will be tested in an area of outstanding natural beauty and few man made features.

The teams will be required to complete the course, which will include some extremely difficult and challenging sections without the help of additional support on the route. The competition is organized for amateur drivers who have held a valid driving license for a minimum of one year. A special competition license is not required.

The competitors are to be organized in 2 car teams. Each car must contain a Driver and Co-Driver (Navigator). In order to ensure a high standard of quality and safety for the competition, only 30 vehicles for each class (60 in total) are allowed to participate. The selection criteria will be the registration order. For the open class. more than two persons per car are allowed up to the vehicle’s number of seat-belts. Any such individuals have to be declared to the organizers and they are coming on their own responsibility.

The route of the Transilvania Adventure Trophy will cover a total distance of approximately 400 Km’s, traversing the spectacular Apuseni Mountains, The difficulty grade of the course will be extreme for the Extreme class and medium for the Open class. In order to follow the correct route the Co-Pilot must navigate with the use of a Road book, which will be distributed to each team at the start of each daily stage. All obstacles along the route will be 100% natural and not man made. To accomplish the route will require the use of orientation skills, endurance, teamwork and driving ability.

On the evening of July 1st, 2nd and 7th 2006 all participants are invited to stay at a Hotel in Deva, this cost being included within the race entry fee. For the remaining nights, competitors will be camping with their own equipment in beautiful and remote locations. Camping sites will be announced before the start of the competition, they will be the same for all participants and reachable with 4x4 vehicles. The organizers do not guarantee that any other type of vehicle can get there.

Each car should carry at the start enough fuel to cover approximately 400 Km’s of off-road terrain. In the event that a team requires additional fuel during the competition they will be guided by the organizers to the nearest petrol stations. Estimate of local fuel prices: 1 Euro/liter

A medically qualified member of personnel will accompany the entire event and the local hospitals will be notified of the race and will be on standby in the event of an emergency. Participants should have their own personal medical insurance cover. If competitors require regular medication they must assume responsibility to provide their own medical supplies.

Teams are permitted to receive technical assistance & support at the end of each race day and prior to the start of the following race day. During each stage teams may only use tools and parts carried by participating cars. Technical staff as well as spectators can participate to the entire competiton and are to travel/camp with the organizers and competitors. They are to make the trips in between camping sites along with the organizers, but with their own means of transportations. The organizers do not provide transportation for any of the above-mentioned categories.

For competing in the Extreme category the entrance fee for the Transilvania Adventure Trophy is totally 650 Euros per car. The technical assistance and spectators will only pay the accomodation price.

For more informations visiti the official website at [ ].

2006/02/23 I 12:52 CET I Editor:

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