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Transsyberia Rally: Sony Ericsson new partner - many int. competitors.

The Swedish-Japanese wireless company Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International AB, has just announced its partnership with the Transsyberia 2008, and the organizers of the Transsyberia released the first participants from 13 nations. Aside from the title patronage "Transsyberia Rally 2008 powered by Sony Ericsson", Sony Ericsson of course also has the suitable outdoor cell phone, which will show its special features during the 4347 miles of off-road adventure from Moscow to the Mongolian capital, the new Sony Ericsson C702 Cyber-Shot-Cell-Phone.

Axel Kettenring, General Manager of Sony Ericsson Germany, explains the engagement of the company: "Sony Ericsson perceives themselves as a brand which offers experiences. The Transsyberia Rally is the ideal event to experience this firsthand. You’ll be ‘hard- driven’ to find a better companion than the C702 Cyber-Shot-Cell-Phone, which was designed for outdoor operation. Due to its particular characteristics, like the aGPS, and the dust and splash water guard, the cell phone is predestined for this use."

About one month before the registration deadline an international starting lineup is announced. Armin Schwarz, rally professional and former European Champion is present again. After the rally in 2007 ended for him with an accident right before the finale, Schwarz wants to steer towards victory with his new co-pilot this year. Andy Schulz, the very experienced, two-time Dakar winner, is the navigator. With these two the Porsche AG is sending a high level German team in the Cayenne S Transsyberia to the starting line, which will surely be counted amongst the absolute favorites.

From Italy comes the established team Tognana/Cassina, who placed second last year. The Swedes are newly attacking with Peder Silfverhjelm in Toyota and Mirko and Bojan Risovic are driving for Bosnia-Herzegovina into the Russian and Mongolian vastness in a Land Rover. Switzerland is also participating in this challenging rally with Aurele Bachmann and Damien Blanke in Mitsubishi. Now that there’s already a participating group of professionals and amateurs registered, it promises to be an exciting Transsyberia Rally 2008 powered by Sony Ericsson. More information, as well as the registration for the rally (until May 23rd, 2008) at [ ].

At the Transsyberia Rally professionals and amateurs can experience an unequaled adventure. On July 11th 50 teams will be tackling the trying journey from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar - always towards the East for about 4349 miles. The Ural Mountains, the swampy Siberian Lowlands, the up to 12,136 feet high passes of the Altai Mountains, and the offshoots of the Gobi Desert, are only some of the obstacles the participants have to overcome on their journey from the Russian to the Mongolian capital. The marginal infrastructure in many parts of the route, doesn’t only compel to numerous overnights in tents, and the abdication of any comfort to a large extent, but also to some detours, in order to, for example, ensure the fuel replenishment for the vehicles.

Before the participants reach their destination Ulaanbaatar on July 25th, they have to complete various special stages, which go on for hundreds of miles. During these, even die-hard professionals come up against their limits. The participants not only need the ability to correctly read the terrain during river and swamp crossings, but the appropriate tactic is also in demand, because at the Transsyberia Rally speed is not the key to success.

All vehicles have to feature series-production standard, only those technical changes which are permitted by the regulations are allowed. "We don’t want a technological arms race, or teams which have to compete with budgets in the millions", so Richard Schalber, off-road expert and manager of the Transsyberia Rally. That’s why the participation fee of - 2.500,00 for 14 days (if registration occurs by May 2nd, 2008) is relatively low.

2008/04/15 | 14:08 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Claudia Rickmann

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