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UAE Desert Challenge 2007 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the UAE Desert Challenge 2007, last round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

UAE Desert Challenge: What they said after Stage 3

Car No.211 Yahya Alhelei (UAE): "We did very well today. We had a problem with the clutch slipping and the engine was getting very hot so we had to slow down until it cooled. But it can be fixed so we can go again tomorrow."

Car No.212 Guerlain Chicherit (F): Co-driver Matthieu Baumel drove the car across the finish line. He said: "I had to finish the stage because the driver was sick. But we are here to race so hopefully we will not be penalised. We will find out tonight."

Car No.222 Mark Powell (GB): "We were really cracking on and flying and then we got stuck for about 15 minuteswhich was a great shame."

Car No.233) Nicolas Gibon (F): "It was very soft and we drove a perfect race. Our only problem was a puncture."

Car No.237) Wolfgang Wels (D): "Today there was only one small mistake when we got stuck in the very soft sand for five minutes. But apart from that everything was very good."

Bike No.1 Marc Coma (E): "Today was a difficult day again. The first part of the stage was complicated. We had three of us at the front and that’s hard because the one who is in the front goes slower than the ones who can follow his trail. But we got to the end with no problems"

Bike No.3 Pal Ullevalseter (N): "It was hard and much the same as yesterday. Marc caught me and he started two minutes behind me. It was a good ride from him."

Bike No.4 Cyril Despres (F): "On a day like you more or less know what is going to happen at the end because it is not easy to get ahead. This is training for Dakar and you need to take care of the bike and learn about the desert."

Bike No.15 James West (GB): "It was ok but I made a few mistakes today. The sand was really soft in places and I lifted off on the throttle a few times and fell of slowly in the deep sand."

Bike No.22 Miran Stanovnik (SLO): "It was very good for me and I had a very good time. The bike was very heavy because the suspension was not set up for the weight of the bike, but that can be adjusted."

Bike No.33 Ruben Faria (P): "I did ok. For me the first leg was more complicated, but now even though there was a lot of danger out there it’s better for me. This is my training for the Dakar."

Bike No.62 Cameron Waugh (GB): "I had a good ride until 10km from the end and then I lost the gears and had to stay in third. But we will have to see what magic we can work tonight."

Quad bike No.74 Sebastian Husseini (NL): "The GPS stopped working which meant I had to follow everybody else’s tracks. Hopefully it can be fixed and hopefully they won’t penalise me for it."

Car No.205 Stéphane Peterhansel (F): "I had to go a steady speed but still tried to push. Just at the end of the stage I saw Luc and Carlos and I tried to push and catch up with them. I caught up just before the finish but it was not quite enough."

Car No.208 Nasser Al Attiyah (QA): "It was very difficult. We lost our rear differential and had to drive the last 50kms in two wheel drive. We lost a lot of time in the dunes but we are still thankful to be here."

2007/10/31 | 17:02 CET | Editor: MR/HS/UAEDC

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