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US-Team SMD Motorsports fully loaded as 2006 season set to begin.

The Californian SMD Motorsports team - led by father/sons team of Steve, Matt and David Scaroni - see 2006 as a pivotal year. Steve Scaroni and his two sons have successfully navigated the competitive waters of the off-road racing ranks to field an experienced, championship- caliber off-road racing team. Through hard work, dedication and planning, SMD Motorsports won the 2003 SCORE Baja 1000 in the Pro Truck division. They captured three wins in 2004, as well as the Pro Truck championship and the points championship in both the SCORE and Best in the Desert series - an unprecedented Triple Crown!

Last year (2005) SMD Motorsports transitioned from the Pro Truck division to the elite Trophy Truck class - the premier division in off-road racing. "This is another big step for us fulfilling our long-term plan of becoming the best off-road Trophy Truck racing team that we can be," Matt Scaroni, the oldest son said. "We have the talent, the backing and the experience to win. With all of our preparation and planning in the off-season, we are looking forward to racing. All that's left is to go out and perform. We are looking for great results in Parker as well as in 2006."

The team has its sites set on the 2006 Best in the Desert championship, which begins Saturday February 4, 2006, at 7:30 a.m., with the start of the Blue Water Resort & Casino's Parker 425 in Parker, Ariz. This is the first of five truck races on the 2006 Best in the Desert Series schedule.

Scaroni's sons are the pilots of the No. 27 Ford F-150 truck. Typical of off-road racers, they are just as passionate as their Dad when it comes to racing, and together the three of them are involved in all aspects of race planning and logistics.

"Our dad demands that we excel in all aspects of the race program, not just the driving part," David, the youngest son said. "Just as in life, you have to excel in many areas to be successful. It takes more than just great driving skills to win a race. The Parker 425 will test all of them - preparation, determination, skill, patience, planning, you name it. It takes an all-around effort to win."

The 400-mile adventure will be run three times around a single-loop, desert course. The race will start and end in Parker, Ariz., at the Blue Water Resort & Casino and stretch through the rugged Arizona desert. Nearly 200 entries will compete in this year's event, including a record 17 in the elite Trophy Truck division.

"The course is a true, grueling, off-road course," Matt Scaroni said. "It is technical and has a lot of variety, and it will wear you down, both physically and mentally, if you let it. Although it is in our nature to go as fast as we can, we've got to be patient and take care of our equipment in certain areas and know when to go all out in others. That's going to be a key to winning this race."

One of the steps that SMD Motorsports made this off-season was signing Jackson-Dawson Motorsports out of Greenville, S.C. as its motorsports marketing agency. Jackson-Dawson Motorsports is one of the country's leading off-road racing agencies that works with BFGoodrich and Pflueger Racing.

"We are very excited about our relationship with JD," Steve Scaroni said. "They know and understand off-road racing and are a tremendous asset to this team. They enable us to concentrate on racing, while they concentrate on communicating for us."

More informations you´ll find on the official website of the team [ ].

2006/02/03 I 15:01 CET I Editor:

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